Friday, June 4, 2010

Going Sleeveless:)

So I think I have mentioned my love hate relationship with hoodies before.  I LOVE them because you can wear them anywhere and they are comfy and don't make you look fat or scuzzy---just the right amount of comfort and cute.  BUT I hate that I can only wear them during the colder months---bummer for summer.  SOOOO once again I have hacked into some perfectly good hoodies (or cardigans) to make them short sleeved.  My mom would hate this---that I am cutting up something perfectly good, but I can find new favorite hoodies next year--they are easy to find.  But short sleeved ones are not so easy---trust me I try:)

SOOO much fun with short sleeves--right????  I believe I have found a new favorite shirt--again. 

The cream colored sweater lasted another day with sleeves because I had to go to bed, but I will be back for it another day. 
I fixed my sleeve shortening tutorial from WAY OVER HERE so that it makes WAY more sense.  So head over there if you missed the instructions on how to re-vamp your summer wardrobe.  WARNING:  you will not want to stop and you may have to replace ALL of your sweaters next fall---just saying♥

make it wear it


melissa said...

way cute! i'm going to have to go through my closet and find all those zip-ups that the arms have shrunk! you've been super busy. cute stuff :)

The Hobbs said...

You are so cute Jessica. I love the idea, and if I had even half of the talent that you do, I would do the same thing. Ü Your lil' girl is adorable, hope all is well!

Andrea @ said...

I really think I need to try this. Love the short sleeves.

Ginger said...

Love it! Come visit me sometime!!

Amber said...

I have one lightweight, shortsleeved sweatshirt that I love I might have to do this to a slightly heavier one too thanks for shareing!