Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Button bracelets

 A while back I saw a cute button bracelet over here but never got to making it because I do no know ANYTHING about making jewelry--nor do I have any of the tools.  As much as I like the idea of buying a new crafty do-hicky to make a project, I have been on a bit of a crafting buying spree lately and need to slow the spending down.  BUT Emersyn keeps spilling my buttons all over the floor and every time I pick them up (sometimes 3 times a day) I think about that bracelet.  SOOO I grabbed my buttons and a few cheapo jewelry supplies that I had on hand and tried it my own way.  Now I am not saying the tutorial I saw was not good--it was.  I just needed a simpler and less jewelry-maker way to make it:)  Here is my finished product...

And here is what I did....
You will need:
1. buttons (duh)
2. closures ( I got these in the kid's jewelry section of WalMart for super cheap)
3. Cording (ditto on where I got it)
First, I cut a piece of cord that was quite a bit bigger than my wrist---I needed room for error.
Then I added the buttons by threading the twin under and over through the button holes.  If there were 4 holes than I just used two (diagnal from each other).  The buttons wont move along the cording much, so make sure that you thread the first hole---move the button down to where you want it---THEN thread the second hole.  I placed mine close to each other, but not overlapping at all.

My helper wanted her own bracelet at this point.  Don't you love her little baby afro????  Bad mommy for making a bracelet instead of combing her hair:)

ANYWAY...after you have all of your buttons threaded, you need to tie off both ends.  I tried to push the knot as close to the last button as possible without going underneath it.

Then place your closure on there and tie another knot after the closure.  After the knot is pulled tight, cut off the extra cording.  Do this for both ends and you are done. 
Then make sure your helper is not attempting to drink the buttons.  Voila---cute summery button bracelet.  I am envisioning these with brown buttons, old-fashioned vintage buttons, heart shaped buttons.  HELLO!!!  I want to make more and more and more of these:)

Fyi--if you make a mini one for your little helper she may stare at her arm in wonder for at least an hour and NEVER want to take it off....I'm just sayin'.



Jenny said...

OK, I have to admit...I have a thing for buttons. This bracelet is super cute! And I love that you made a simpler tutorial for those of us (like myself) who don't have jewelry making tools. Great post!

Amber said...

So cute I will be making these with my cousins when they come in July!

Whims And Trims said...

Very cute!!! I have myself some about a year ago, and every time I wear it, I gt comments on how cute it it. Your closure was a lot simpler than I made mine out to be....wish I had seen yours first! LOL

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

LOVE it! Thx for the shout out! you did a fabulous job and the colors you chose were so so fun! Makes me want to make more :)