Friday, December 3, 2010

busy books

Am I the only one with a blog who has not created a busy book yet???  PROBABLY!!  BUT they just seem like a lot of work....I am a bit lazy when it comes to crafts.  Not really lazy maybe, but I need some instant payoff....not a craft that takes days and weeks and tons of supplies and STILL might look like poop.  Just sayin!!!  I found this cute busy book the other day on Amazon and put it RIGHT in my cart.  THEN I remembered that I was done shopping for Little Miss Emersyn for Christmas, so I saved it as a birthday idea.  OR an I am getting a new brother and need a gift GIFT.  BUT I thought I would share the link in case you need a cute gift for a kiddo in your life.

I realize you COULD make these pages on your own, but for 30 bucks, I am not sure it is worth it.  That sounded LAZY huh???  I think these ones are so cute and would come in handy during church or on a car ride.  And just imagine if your kid ACCIDENTLY learned to tie their own shoe....SCORE!!!  Anyway...I just wanted to share my good find.  I hope Christmas shopping is going well for you....I am still sticking to my online only shopping....I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE PACKAGES TO START ARRIVING AT THE DOOR!!!!

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