Friday, December 24, 2010

Meet Ginger... Ginger.  She is a sassy little gingerbread girl with wild piggies and crooked buttons.  Me and Ginger have been spending the last couple of days together and have become REAL good friends. 
Here is her story...
A few months ago I had this crazy idea that I wanted to make Emersyn a little Christmas outfit.  Nothing fancy....just fun.  I could not get the idea of gingerbread out of my head....and decided on a gingerbread-ish skirt.  I bought the supplies and let them sit in my craft room and wait and wait and wait....until December 22 rolled around and I could not stand the thoughts of wasting a bunch of fabric, rick rack, and a plain red shirt.  Waste not Want not....right????  So I started again on my little idea.
I used THIS tutorial from FROM AN IGLOO for the skirt.  Kinda Gingerbread-y right???? 

I decided I also wanted a Gingerbread Emersyn...cute little girlie with pig tails and a sense of humor. 
She is NOT exactly what I pictured, but she is kinda growing on me.
AND I finished them at 11:55 on the technically I was not making her Christmas Eve outfit ON Christmas EVE...PHEWW.  NOW the moment of truth...trying them on.  Since I have had 2 late night sewing sessions, I have not actually been able to measure Em AT ALL.  SOOOO this was kind of a GUESS AND CHECK sorta outfit.....except I have been able to check and have thus far ONLY GUESSED!!!!  Wish me and Ginger luck tomorrow:) 


Alea said...

That is SO SO CUTE!!! I love it. :) Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

That turned out WAY cute, Jess! Good job--and especially good job that you weren't still sewing it on Christmas Eve--Phew! Merry Christmas!!!