Thursday, December 23, 2010

Homemade for the Holidays

Last year I went crazy making quilts and quilts and TONS of homemade gifts.  THIS year I only made ONE.  Kinda sad, but WAY easier:)  The one I chose to made was for Emersyn's BFF and partner in crime Delaney.  I saw the pattern, thought they needed matching aprons, held onto the pattern and fabric for 2 months and waited until the VERY last minute to finish ONE (Em's will have to wait) before Christmas.  YAY!!! 
Here is my owl apron on my two year old sized model "Bunny."  Doesn't she look happy with her new apron????:)
The pattern for this apron is by THE APRON LADY DESIGNS.  I bought mine at Craft Warehouse, but I looked it up online and found it for sale.  I also found this ADORABLE lady bug version which is what I SHOULD have made for Laney BUG, but TOO LATE!!! DARN!

The diretions for this apron were not great, but if you have sewn a bit, you can figure it out.  Mostly it was just missing things like---right sides together---or where to actually sew.  Minor things like that--ha ha. all worked out ok and was a pretty quick project. I kinda love rick rack EVEN more now than I did before owl looked at me with those big Rick Rackey eyes.

Happy Holidays from Me and Bunny!!

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The Wieselers said...

Laney LOVES it- she had to have it on for making cookies for Santa, and downstairs in her "kitchen". Too cute- Thanks!