Monday, December 20, 2010

Where has Baby Jesus Gone???

What do you do when Baby Jesus goes missing (gasp)???? FIRST, you have a 2 year old wandering around looking for Baby Jesus.  THEN you have a 28 year old Daddy digging through EVERY square inch of your home in search of Baby Jesus.  You EVEN see an 8 month pregnant lady get on her hands and knees and look under couches, beds, and chairs.  THEN you have SAD:( wisemen and Mother Mary have a whole sad little production about how much they miss Baby Jesus and how they need to go out and find him.....even the sheep. 
AND THEN you finally break down and do the obvious....EBAY!!!  YES for only ten bucks you can have a new Baby Jesus shipped right to your door (maybe) in time for Christmas.  PHEWW!!


marciekoch said...

Did you check your bed? Maybe the wisemen took the Baby Jesus on their field trip...

Connie~ said...

Cute post! We wish more people spent so much time "looking" and finding Jesus!

Merry Christmas!