Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mission Accomplished!!!

Sometimes I wonder what has been going on at my house....we are always busy, but it seems that not much gets accomplished.  Last week was FOR SURE one of those weeks.  What WAS I up to???  I was making necklaces of course....wasn't everyone????  NO???  Hmmmm??? 
Well I was.  I was making necklaces for the Young Women of my ward. 
Next year's theme is THE THIRTEENTH ARTICLE OF FAITH, so I decided that BELIEVE kinda wrapped it up in a suitable one word stampable necklace theme:)

I used my good old 5 dollar Harbor Freight stamp set and set to work....FAIL.  I am not sure what the deal was, but I could not get one complete necklace stamped without an ugly mess up.  I went through TOO many washers to count.  Then after giving up...I tried again and got into the groove.  PHEWW too because I had NO other ideas for a Chrismas present for the girls.  Then after I got the hang of it I spent countless hours on my garage floor (not fun for my big pregnant body) stamping my little heart out.  Seriously EVERY time I headed out to the garage Emersyn would say "mommy where are you going NOW???"  I would tell her that I was going to make more necklaces....."AGAIN!!!!"  She kept coming out to tell me to be quiet too.  I am not sure if she was referring to the hammering or the angry words, but either way she was ready for me to be done!!! 

I printed up cards with the 13th Article of Faith on the inside and clipped the top of the card so the necklace would stay attached. 

Added this cute little clip art (found in internet land) to the front of the card.

AND for the back....improvizing.  I could not figure out how to keep the necklace looking cute, so I searched my house and found a simple solution.  You know those snack sized zip lock bags that really don't fit anything usefull and come in boxes of a like a million and NEVER get used.  Well I have a big pile in my messy zip lock drawer that NEEDED a new home.  SO I cut them in half and taped them to the back of the card.  Kinda ghetto maybe, but did the job. Voila....necklace holding cards. 

Now this is one of those crafts that is not really very fun....not very easy....and I will probably never do again....BUT I did like the finished product.  SO the moral of the story is this.....
making 1 or 2 stamped necklaces=Fun and cute 
Making 30 stamped necklaces=More stress than its worth
Just sayin!!!


Lisa said...

Good job, Jess! Way to hang in there! The girls are going to love them!

Mikaela said...

Those are super cute! I think the girls will love them too.