Friday, December 17, 2010

Craft Day TAKE 2!!!!

A few weeks ago MY GIRLS and I got together to make these cute Christmas Countdown blocks from Makia Creations.  We had food, fun, crafting, and candy....not much more a girl can want.  I loved the idea of getting a full craft kit in a box and not having to go anywhere and find the materials....that was the plus side.  The DOWN instructions in the box (frown).  If I had ever made anything similar to this, no instructions would have been fine, but I was at a loss as to how to modge podge, stain, or use vinyl.  I know that is a lot to be retarded at, but still.  I was forced to go to their website and get a video tutorial that was only slightly helpful.  ANYWAY....the pluses make up for the negatives in this case because I loved my finished blocks.  BTW...the picture is not of MY actual blocks--not because they are not super cute---but because I am to lazy to take a picture and then download it.  But MINE are super cute and sitting on my mantle (with the wrong number on them again---darn those days for changing EVERY day).
Anyway...I was thinking about my blocks and how much fun I had making them and decided....

I am STILL really in love with this little guy...
CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! BUT I would really like one of these....

I am in love with the WONKY heart!!!  PLUS do you know what happens in FEBRUARY besides Valentine's Day?????  YEP.  I get to be NOT PREGNANT again!!!!!! SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!!  If you have a group of friends who likes to craft, I would TOTALLY tell you to go check out MAKIA CREATIONS.  They have cute stuff with NO STRESS!!! 

SO LADIES....Let's make a date for January!!!!!

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