Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quilts for Kids

Yesterday the UPS man brought me my cute little quilt kit for "Quilts for kids." This morning I thought I better get it all out and take a look at it. THEN I decided maybe I would sew and cut a few squares. Next thing I knew---my squares were done. All before 10:00.

As anyone who lives in this house knows---10:00 means Sesame Street. So I decided to put a few rows together....Once again before I knew it the rows were ALL DONE!!
Since I had come that far I decided a couple borders wouldn't take much time at all. So in less than 3 hours--VOILA the quilt top is finished. I am pretty amazed at how quick and easy it was.

Why am I telling you this??? Because if I can do it in one morning, EVERYONE should be making one. Quilts for kids is an organization that collects kids quilts for children in hospitals. You can just get on their website and request a kit and they will send you the fabric, pattern, and instructions. Easy as that!! Or you can make a quilt using your own fabric and pattern. Who doesn't like to help kids??? So if you are a quilter or want to be one....I challenge you to request a kit and spend a few hours helping out a sick kid---I know we all have a few extra hours in the month---RIGHT??? PLUS I guarantee nothing feels better than thinking about a sweet little kid cuddling up in YOUR blanket while in the BIG BAD HOSPITAL!!! If you plan on participating let me know--I am curious to see how many people join up. Thank You Marcie for putting the link on YOUR blog first and sharing the idea. I am thinking I might have this bad boy quilted and shipped off before the week is over---that has to be some sort of record RIGHT????

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Connie~ said...

So cute! That's a great project and organization!