Sunday, January 10, 2010

The forgotten Christmas project

Last year about this time I found a embroidery book with a quilt pattern in it that I was dying to try out. The pattern was shown in reds and pinks, but I decided to go PURPLE and make it for Todd's mom. THEN during the Superbowl, Amy and I began creating this blanket. After that day I put it away and never went back. I just could not get enthused about all of the embroidery. THEN it got close to Christmas, and I thought I would try again. SOOOOO I got it out, appliqued the circles in place, and used up MANY days of cheer practice embroidering myself silly. Then I decided it was too small and went back to the fabric store in search of some border materials. I am super glad that I persevered because I loved the final project. BTW...I did finish it in time for Christmas, but I did not want to ruin the surprise for Marilee. Then I forgot about it. Because I know Marcie would really like to see what our work turned it is.

I machine appliqued on the bubbles, but then I hand embroidered them again to add some zing. I also embroidered the birds and branches and other embellishments. It was a fun project, but I am not sure that embroidery is in my near future:)

Em is a trooper and puts up with my quilting when she is "tired" of it. She tried "Amma's" blanket out for a little resty-pooh!!


Countrylivn' said...

WOW, youve got TALENT! What a cute blankie! I love Emmersons little bum, looks like she approves!

marciekoch said...

Thank you for sharing! I'm so glad to see the finished project - I'm sure Marilee loves it! Turned out awesome!!!
I had a marathan quilting day today. Gotta love "craft room church". :)

Marilee said...

Amma loves her blanket! It is so pretty. I was so touched by it and still am. You rock Jessica. Makes it all the more special to see Emersyn enjoyed it too. : )