Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beginning the year off with a good book

So I love to check Marcie's blog (for many reasons), but one of my favorite parts is the book list. She listed all of the books she read last year. It got me thinking...I wonder how many books I read last year. SOOOOO I am going to steal her idea (like the thief I am) and start a list.
On top of that----I also hate to start reading a book and HATE it. And THEN have someone say...oh yeah I hated that one too---you should have asked. I hate wasting my time on books that are no good. I am sure there are other people out there who also hate that. SOOOO I am going to be the opinionated girl that I am and give you a short rundown on the books I read(whether you want it or not).
SOOOO here goes.
For the first book of the year I read The Writing on the Wall by Dean Hughes. It is volume one of the Hearts of the Children series. It is written by the same man who wrote the Children of the Promise series (which I LOVED). The first series was about an LDS family and their experiences and struggles during WWII. Some of them go off to war, some stay home, one is a POW, one is a missionary, SOOOOOO much going on. I loved the series and could not stop reading. I learned a ton about the war and the many fronts--not just Germany. Part of the books concern Pearl Harbor, and there is also a portion about Germans fleeing from Nazi Germany. Amazing series. BUTTT that was SO last year. This year was The Writing on the Wall. It continues on with the same family--except this time it is getting close to Vietnam. It is the children of the main characters from the first series and is just as exciting. They go through Kennedy's death, Martin Luther King and the marches, and the fear of nuclear war. I love love loved it and cannot wait to read book 2.
Next, I switched gears. I borrowed a book by Mary Higgines Clark called No Place Like Home. It was a mystery and really kept me reading---very late into the night!!! The main character accidentally killed her mom as a child and then changes her identity because of the press. In this book she comes back to her home town (with her new identity) and horrible things start to happen again. It was really good and had no random sex scenes or anything. Just a good old murder mystery. Highly recommend for a beach or vacation read.
Well that does it for today. I am currently reading a Nora Roberts--so more to the list very soon!!

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marciekoch said...

The Writing on the Wall series sounds good - can non LDS read them? I used to love Mary Higgins Clark - I forgot about her! Thanks for the recommendations.
Have you thought any more about the Craft Retreat (if I've already asked you once today in one form of communication or another, I'm really sorry. I've been thinking about you all day long and hoping you can come.) I have projects coming out of my ears and need a cheerleader. I also have a favor to ask you if you're going to JoAnn's before the banquet on Monday.