Thursday, January 21, 2010

valentiney goodness

Ok--so today did not start off well...

Look Mom I ate all of my yogurt!!! AND I am pretty proud of myself!

BUT after cleaning the endless pink slimy mess off of my kid, I remembered that I had a surprise waiting for me in the dryer.

Last night I stayed up LATE binding my fun Valentine's tabletopper. Emersyn helped me make a flower arrangement (by ripping up my tissue paper) and VOILA--I am ready for February.

I super duper liked this pattern, but am not SOO much in love with the final product. It is cute, but caused me much pain. I sewed around each of the hearts---very poorly--and so it holds a little bit of bitterness. The pattern is called Cherry Chocolate Valentine and is from Cotton Way and I used 3 charm packs of Love is in the Air. The one on the cover of the pattern is only brown and pink and red--no green, but I was too cheap to buy 5 or more charm packs and pick my favorites, so mine has ALL of the fabrics. What I loved about this pattern???? When sewing on the rick rack and sewing around the hearts, you are also quilting, so no stitching in the ditch--YAY!!!
I had a few charms left, so I whipped up this little table topper for my little table.

I decided to try something new and I did some grid quilting. I found my masking tape and went to town. Taping and sewing and taping and sewing. It actually went pretty quick and I kinda loved the finished product.

Although my straight lines are not all that straight, the grid look was fun for a change.
The dotted backing was my favorite part!!!

Add in the beautiful flowers that I got at the football banquet and TaDa!! (BTW I realized that I miss those silly little cheerleaders more than I would like to admit. They really cracked me up!)
I think I like the one made out of leftovers better than the one I paid for, but life goes on. I have never had Velentines decorations before, so I am glad to be able to put away the Christmas runners--finally.


Marilee said...

Love Emersyn and the yogurt pics. She is one girl that doesn't mind getting dirty. : )
Great job on the Valentines tabletopper. Really pretty !

marciekoch said...

I agree. What do we need to do to become famous bloggers and quilters? There is so much that I want to do and not enough time to do it in. It's like quilts are trying to claw their way out of me.