Monday, January 25, 2010

Letting out my inner artist

Today I decided to make some art. I was sick of my blank and boring bathroom wall, so I decided I wanted a change. I HATE how much stuff to put on your walls costs, so I thought I would make something on my own. I first thought of using fabric, but fabric is not too cheap either, so I settled for scrapbook paper. It is hard to tell in the picture, but each of the papers has a pattern--meaning it is really cuter than it looks:)

Since I liked the final result so much I thought I would share the process with all of you. First I bought 3 coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper and 3 squares of painters canvas. The canvas was 50% off at Craft Warehouse, so they were only 3 dollars (each) and some change. That plus 1.50 for the paper and I only spent about 11 bucks for the whole project--pretty good huh??
Soooo for the next step I traced around the canvas onto the middle of the scrapbook paper.

Then I folded it on the lines so that folds were nice and sharp.

Then I glued the canvas to the paper. First I modge-podged the paper to the canvas, but on the last 2 I used spray adhesive instead. Either way worked but I am a modge-podge retard so I liked the spray adhesive better. I only glued the front, but not around the edges. Then I folded the edges over onto the back and glued them with a glue gun. I thought the glue gun would stick much better than the other types of glue.

After putting glue around the edges you are left with these little "ears."
Then I just put glue on the back of the flaps and folded them over--like wrapping a present.
Then after it is wrapped up pretty, I painted 2 coats of modge podge over the outside and edges. Just so it would be shiny and maybe last a bit longer. I might skip this step in the future though because the middle one got kinda wrinkly--I think I used too much glue. I think I will get a new piece of paper and re-do that one---So technically it will be 11 dollars and 59 cents when it is all said and done. It is not Picasso or anything that great, but my wall is cute and I am happy. It would work with a picture frame instead of canvas. OR you could use fabric, tissue paper, wall paper, the possibilities are endless. So go and make 1 or 3 or 17 and cute up your walls too!!!


Scott & Traci said...

I Love it! I have been wanting to try that too! Okay... you have inspired me... I am going to :) I'll let you know how it goes :)

Lisa said...

So cute! (And we have the same shower curtain in our main bath--how fun!)