Monday, January 25, 2010

Tropical Sorbet

I had a very productive weekend. Marcie came to visit and craft---and without my little sidekick we actually got some sewing done. I also got to watch Pride and Predjudice--YAY!!! I made 5 pillows for Operation Comfort, an organization that supplies pillows and items to soldiers over seas. I have 45 tags left, so I better get sewing pillows:) I also finished a bag that I started over a year ago--Once I find the buttons, also bought over a year ago, I will finish and take some pictures. BUT the quilt was my big finish. I bought the fabric kit for this quilt at Village Quiltworks at least 6 months ago--maybe more. I finished the top and never got up the nerve to quilt it. SOOOOO after the success of quilting my tablerunner, I just jumped right in.

I love the way it looks in my livingroom--it really brightens it up in there.
The fabrics are the same as the tabletopper I made a long while back.
I got masking tape out again and did some grid quilting. I love the way it turned out--even though my lines were anything but straight. You would think I would be getting better at, straight lines, but I think I am faster and crooked-er:)
The back is my favorite part. It is the softest yummiest flannel. I had the binding on for maybe two minutes before Todd was wrapped up in it---So I guess it is a success:)

The kit was called Tropical Sorbet and I love it. It makes me think of summer and yummy fruitiness!!! AND with it done I am 1 step closer to eliminating my unfinished projects list AND getting rid of lots of my useless stash!!

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marciekoch said...

I love our matching quilts!! :)