Saturday, January 16, 2010

Problem SOLVED!!!

I am a firm believer that you can find the answer to ANY question on the internet if you are willing to look hard enough. I am also a big fan of blogs. SOOOO imagine my non-surprise that I found an answer to a dilemma of mine WHILE looking at blogs. So the problem is (and I know this affects ALL mommys)--PUZZLES. I am sure everyone has a few puzzles like this around there house...

And of course the problem is...where the heck are the pieces???? I don't know how many times Emersyn has brought me her animal puzzle and asked me where the all the animals are. Under the couch??? In the laundry basket??? WHO KNOWS???? WELL I am clearly not creative enough to come up with the answer to such mind boggling questions. My solution was to put all of the pieces into a zip-lock bag and then throw that bag into the toy-box. Kinda worked, but then we just ended up losing the whole bag!!! Good thing for me that Allison over at Cluck Cluck Sew does have a creative bone in her body and imagined a way to fix this problem---Puzzle Pockets.

GENIUS!!!! She added pockets to the back of her puzzles to hold the pieces!!!Click here for the tutorial. So I got the pocket bug and started adding pockets. SO EASY!!! Mine do not look as cute as her's do, but they get the job done. No missing kitty cat at our house any more!!

Now my only problem??? I cannot stop putting pockets onto things. The pocket possibilities are endless!!! I am thinking pockets on certain toys to hold small pieces, pockets on the back of board bokks that have small pieces, pockets, pockets, POCKETS!! I am sure there is something in my craft room that needs a pocket. Where do I stop putting pockets??:)
Emerysn is lucky she never sits still because if she did she may have ended up with a little purple pouch this afternoon:) Don't forget to check out Cluck Cluck Sew for this and other GREAT crafty projects. She is amazing!!!!! My next project is going to be the super dooper cute changing pad pouch---I am on a pouch kick I guess!!

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Mikaela said...

That is a great idea with the puzzles. I've numbered the backs of each piece to the corresponding puzzle, but never would've thought of making a pouch! Thanks for the tip! :)

And, the temple is so great! Thanks for the reminder that I need to get there again soon! :)