Saturday, January 14, 2012

What I WANT....Weekend Report

Ok... So I have a sick kid.  Which means I have been spending WAY too much time sitting in my rocking chair with cranky pants with nothing to occupy my time by the iPad.  It also means I have been eating chocolate chips straight from the bag and watching WAY TO MANY cartoons.  But I digress...I have found a few items that I have kinda fallen in love with.  OR at least a small crush, so I thought I would share.  FIRST off....

This is an etsy find.  A seriously cute diaper bag that doesn't ACTUALLY look like a diaper bag.  I am loving the chevron fabric, the yellow, the big button AND the fact that it is handmade.  So lovely. a killer pair of Spring shoes.  I realize it is still the middle of Winter, but since there is no snow maybe I can pull off wedges.  What do ya think???

What if they were these super cute wedges from MAURICES????  Again with the yellow.  YUM!!!

I am also a little SWOONY for this Desert Rose bracelet from Shabby Apple.  I love the coral color SO MUCH!!!  PLUS it is so big and unique....vintage-ey!!!  PLUS I noticed that Shabby Apple has a coupon code on their site for 20 percent off EVERYTHING.  I LOVE a discount!!!

 Last I found another ETSY love.  These You Are My Sunshine prints.  This is my favorite song for 2 reasons.  1.  This is an adopted family song.  A favorite of my grandparents, cousins, aunts, EVERYONE.  It has even been sung at multiple family funerals.  It makes me think of my sweet Grandma Louise, which INSTANTLY makes me happy.  AND 2.  I sing this song to my kids DAILY.  It puts them to sleep. It makes me happy.  WIN WIN!!! is a personal favorite and I ADORE the way they divided the lyrics up into mulitple prints.  I REALLY want to get myself motivated to make my own printable in boy colors and themes for Ethan's room.  HMMMMM?????
And in my sleep deprived, stir crazy, snot cleaning existence, THAT IS WHAT I WANT THIS WEEKEND!!!

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