Friday, January 13, 2012

My New Venture

 I recently decided to start a new chapter in my life.  BECAUSE it just wasn't hectic enough...haha!!!  I was in search of a NIGHT OUT idea and some how stumbled upon Paparazzi Accessories.  One thing led to another and within about a day I had decided to become a consultant.  It has been a fun little journey so far.  I have built displays, planned a party, fallen in love with jewelry even more than I was before, AND made multiple solo trips to Home Depot (pretty impressive I know).  AND I have been having a blast.  SOOOO this post is just a little bit about what I have been up to lately....
 My first stop on this adventure was at Value Village.  I LOVE THAT PLACE.  I found tons of cute stuff to use for my displays.  Only half of it has ACTUALLY gotten put to use yet, but when my spray painting finger stops being out!!!  OK.  My Displays.  I got the idea from HERE and they worked great!!!  I decided to paint two black and one silver....the black jewelry didn't REALLY show up as good on the black board.
 Meet LOLA.  I found her at TJ MAXX and knew that I could not leave her behind.  She is purely that is ok for a REAL lady:)
When the nice people at Lowe's were done cutting my pegboard for me there was a LITTLE bit left over.  I decided to make a mini display and it worked fantastic for my Little Girl hair accessories. 

I found THIS ugly mirror at Value village and sprayed it with METALLIC spray paint.  That stuff rocks. 
This isn't a great picture.  The frame now is really bright and know metallic:)
For the headbands, I used 2 pedestals that I had previously found at VV and then used 2 different tops.  ONE is a wine holder that I found also at VV.  What were the odds that they would have a zebra print wine holder....but it worked out.  I just tipped it upside down and voila.  The 2nd is an old oatmeal container.  I sprayed it with spray adhesive and then wrapped it in zebra wrapping paper (also from TJ MAXX).  When I was taking this picture I noticed that I forgot to cover the top, but I took care of that RIGHT before the guests arrived!!!  I saw a few of those wine holders at the dollar store also, if you are in the market.  This would work great in a little girls room to hold all those darn hair things.  You could also  hold brushes and stuff inside...

I found this super cute display box at TJ MAXX too.  It fit my Starlet Shimmer earrings so cute.  I love those things.  I wish I let Emersyn wear real earrings because I LOVE the butterflies:)

 I do not have a HUGE living room, so I decided to go with a L shape.  It worked good since people could be on both sides of the table, PLUS walk around and talk to each other OVER and AROUND the displays.  Check out Emerysn's is pretty much in every picture.  She just cannot stop touching the jewelry.  She cannot believe that we have SOOO much and thinks it is our personal stash:) 
Shopping baskets from THE DOLLAR STORE. These helped A LOT.  My sister had her's full the day before the party:) 

I could not help myself and I even Paparazzified the water.  Once you start.....

Here is the check out station...aka my kitchen counter:)  I got an old cork board at VV and covered it with...yep you guessed it...zebra wrapping paper.  I spray painted the frame pink (clearly I did that first) and then used a little picture stand I got at the dollar store.  I love it.  I know I say that A LOT...but I really do LOVE IT!!!  LOVE!!!  Anyway...I suck and didn't even get my messages put on it.  It was going to have nice little info about hosting and stuff...maybe next time:)  I also got a small and large accordion file at VV.  They were both brand new and BOTH PINK.  Again...what are the odds.  I used the large one for paperwork, receipts, etc.  I used the small one as my cash box.  For now it worked out. 
And what MAY be my favorite part.  My pens.  I found these pink flowers at VV and could NOT leave them behind.  SOOO I cut them off and hot glued them to the tops of a couple pens (strangely harder than it sounds by the way).  I had a BUNCH of pens in there, but with the 3 pretty ones, you don't even notice the ugly ones:) 

The box was from Tuesday Mornings.  They had ALL sorts of sizes and shapes, and it took WAY too long for me to decide on this one, but now it is my fave.  Just looking at its cuteness makes me happy.  PLUS it has a handle so it is easy to transport.

It held my bags and tissue paper and such, but works great for transporting ALL of my checkout stuff.  And since it has a handle....Yep....I LOVE IT!!!
ANDDDD last but not least.  Another Thrifty find.  I bought this large plastic tote for like 30 cents.  It was missing ONE handle, so I popped off the OTHER handle and tied on some ribbon.  Bing Bang Boom it carries my supplies. 
I still have 4 or 5 more VV finds that need some sprucing, but as you can see I was a little busy.  Last night was party number one and it was SOOO FUN!!!  I cannot wait to do it again.  Anyone wanna come over so I can have a party and show you my (and Emersyn's) stash!!!!

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Lisa said...

You are funny! You have WAY cute ideas... I am going to have to use some, and I will definitely give you credit, like you did for me on my pegboard video. Thanx!