Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday!!

SOOOO today was THE day.  The day that I woke up...looked in the mirror....and decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!!!!  I am tired of BEING tired of needing to lose weight.  So today I am going to START OVER!!!  A year ago (minus one month) I looked like this....
WOW!!!  I know!!!  I am that person who gains 75 pounds when they are pregnant.  THE babies only weigh 9 pounds (Not 73).  That leaves me a little bit of work.  I have done MOST of the work, but there are 10 darn pounds that just WILL NOT LEAVE and unfortunately there is not another 9 pounder hanging out it there!! 
SOOO I have decided to take it public.  NOTHING has kept me motivated thus far.  It is almost February and I am still eating like it is Christmas Eve.  SOOO I thought....WHAT IF I POST IT FOR ALL TO SEE???  I figure I cannot lie about it if EVERYBODY KNOWS.  SOOO here is the post. I am going to weigh in EVERY Wednesday (regardless of how my week went) and post my result on THIS blog.  Let me clarify... I will post what I lost or gained...not the actual weight.  I DO have SOME pride left!!! 
Here is my plan:
*EAT LESS!!!  I know...mind boggling.
*limit my intake of sugar and bread (I would give it up, but that ALWAYS leads to a HUGE relapse).
*NO food after dinner.  I am a late night person....and with those midnight activities I OFTEN enjoy a little snack.  NO MORE!!!
*Drink more water!!!
*NO FAST FOOD...even if my kids are eating there.
*Make good choices.  FOR EXAMPLE...when I go to restaurants I like to eat like there is no tomorrow and eat the WORST (best) things on the menu.  I am going to try to make good choices EVEN when I am not at home. 
*I am not going to promise to exercise....I would, but MY KID DOES NOT SLEEP (period).  I am not sure why, but I have insomniac children.  Often after putting little E to sleep, I have to GO BACK and put him to sleep every 30-45 minutes until I go to bed.  Then he wakes up and I give up and bring him to my bed (where we BOTH don't sleep).  It is NO BUENO!!!  That is an excuse I know, but when Baby doesn't sleep, it makes it hard to go out to the garage to the treadmill...because then he wakes and I lose momentum and get angry and NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!  So I WILL TRY TO WORK OUT (fingers crossed). 
*Last but not least....SMOOTHIES.  Before Christmas I was doing well and eating healthy and EVERY morning I was drinking a GREEN SMOOTHIE.  Yucky sounding, but TASTY!!!  Of course I found the recipe on PINTEREST, but I pretty much just add what I want.  It REALLY did make me feel better and help me lose weight...that is BEFORE the Christmas COOKIES arrived:)  SO I am gonna try that again!!!    
Ok...that is it...THE PLAN!!!  If you wanna join me feel free to comment on your success.  I would LOVE to hear of somebody suffering along with me:)  Wish me luck.  GOODBYE 10 POUNDS of YUCK....I WILL NOT MISS YOU!!!

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