Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby its cold outside...

Well I finally have all remnants of Christmas decorations purged from my house (I think), and I am having troubles figuring out what to decorate for next.  The stores are all full of Valentines Day stuff, but I am not feeling VALENTINE-EY yet.  I had a naked mantle for a few days, but it really started to bother me after a while.  SOOOO I decided I NEEDED to figure out something WINTER-ey, but without the Christmas stuff mixed in.  SOOOO I went back to the basics....pre-school style.
I found THIS site that had templates for snowflakes and it worked like a champ.  Perfect snowflakes and SUPER easy. I added a few snowflakes onto a long piece of embroidery thread and VOILA...a WINTER banner. 

I also found YET another way to FREE-ly use a free printable from PINTEREST.  There are so darn many on there, I just cannot resist them.  I decided on THIS one...since most of my  extra winter decor ended up being snowmen.  I printed it out.   grabbed some scrapbooking paper.  And THEN I taped the scrapbooking paper to the cover of a book.  I used a childrens' book because I like the short stocky shape.  It works great because it stands up on its own and is nice and hard and sturdy. 
I also cut a thin strip and taped it to the spine to cover up the writing.  I think THIS is my favorite method so far.  Free, easy, and EVERYTHING I need is right in my house. PERFECT!!!

SOOO I have successfully made it look like winter INSIDE my house, but the OUTSIDE is not quite as easy to convice:)

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