Saturday, January 14, 2012

The most important and food:)

Here is another Paparazzi Party post, so feel free to skip now:)  I just wanted to share all of the SUPER FUN we had!!!  First off THE GAME.  I usually dislike party games because they are awkward and I NEVER win.  SOOO I only wanted to have a game if I thought it was fun, easy to understand, and WIN-able.  Here is what I came up with.
It is KINDA like a Christmas Gift Exchange type thing. 
FIRST, I took a brown bag for each person expected at the party.  I added 1 piece of jewelry (the prizes) to 3 of the bags.  Then I added other random items to the rest of the bag.  Q-tips, candies, plastic spoons, sprinkles, pencils, paper clips, you get the idea.  Emersyn even added my extra van keys to one whatever works!! 
THEN each person gets a bag.  They are not allowed to look in the bag, but they can shake it.  Then when everyone has a bag, they get the chance to switch.  SOOOO if they do not think they have a prize, they can trade with someone else.  If they DO think they have a prize, they can keep it.  BUT someone will probably steal it anyway.  I did it so that everybody switches however many times  and all at once.  Just a big fruit basket of trading.  Clearly you could get more particular with rules.  LIKE go in a circle and trade, etc.  I DID say that if someone wants to trade you MUST give up your bag.  But then you can always trade back later.  ANYWAY..this went on for a few minutes.  Then I did a countdown (with mass last minute trading) and then stopped the switching.
One thing I will do now is ask for those who think they ended up with a prize---then have them look and see what they got.  THEN have everyone else check.  I am sure there would be some surprises. 
This was fun, quick, and even my 3 year old understood.  ALTHOUGH she was THRILLED when she had purple and blue plastic spoons in her maybe she didn't REALLY understand. 

Moving on to food.  I honestly think that food is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of a party.  BUT it seemed that most people just wanted water and jewelry...who can blame them????

I am so glad I decided to bling up the water.  Super easy 10 minute fix-up, super cute payoff.  I LOVED THEM!!!!

 My NEW favorite party food...chocolate popcorn balls.  SERIOUSLY...these should be called ADULT popcorn balls or something.  They are like balls of crack!!!  I got the recipe from PINTEREST of course.  It is a PAULA DEAN original and BOMB DIGGITY!!!  I called my friend for help, so tecnically SHE made them, but she said it was simple.  I DID eat most of them and I totally recommend.  IN FACT, I am pretty sure I now have scurvy from maintaining a diet of JUST chocolate popcorn balls for over 24 hours.  But YOU'RE RIGHT..that is a personal problem.  OH YEAH....I added pink M&M's and they are really the secret ingredient.  They stayed KINDA melty for a while and it REALLY added the perfect gooey chocolatey touch....YUM!!!
 NEXT, chocolate fruit dip.  Clearly I have a problem ladies...but chocolate is just soooo good!!!  This is the EASIEST dip ever.  Just 1 cup of GREEK YOGURT and 1/2 cup of NUTELLA.  SOOO GOOD!!!  AND it lasts in the fridge.  SOOO if you come down with a case of scurvy and need to eat some fruit...your chocolate dip will be right there for your healthy eating needs:) 

Have a great weekend YA'll and SERIOUSLY go and make the popcorn balls.  Your fat jeans in the back of the closet will thank you....


Twyla Rasco said...

Love your blog site! You are hilarious to read! Question about the bottled water. Is that just zebra paper that you cut out and taped to the bottles? And then a strip of hot pink tulle tied around it? I love it! So cute!

Jessica said...

YEP. I bought a roll of zebra wrapping paper. I just cut strips...I didn't measure or anything and it didn't matter. Then ends were different widths, but it didn't REALLY matter. Then I wrapped it around, taped the ends, and then tied a piece of tool around. Easy Peasy!!!