Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I want--Weekend Report

Once again it is the weekend.  AND once again my kid has failed to sleep.  He DID successfully cry for about 2 hours last night around 2 though, so I got some blurry eyed internet shopping time in.  Here are a few of my favorites this week. 

This argyle quilt pattern from etsy.  It looks fun and easy and PERFECT for a boy.  It is so hard to find cute boy patterns.   Plus I love the fabric choices on the one in the cute.  I guess before I start buying quilt patterns again I will actually have to START sewing again.  BLAHHH...I am sick of sleepless nights of babies...(ok complaints over). 

Next was another BOY pattern.  I think this Boy's cardigan sweater pattern is so super cute.  I can imagine this in grey or brown for church...LOVE IT!!!  I also love this SHOP on etsy.  I have made a few of the Dear My Kids patterns and they always turn out super cute. 
A took a quick stroll through The Fat Quarter Shop and found this cute fabric line, A Walk In The Woods. I love the VINTAGE feel of this sweet little fabric.  **sidenote** I was reading Little Red Riding Hood to Emersyn the other day from a book we got at the library. When it got to the part where the wolf goes to the Grandma's house, he ate her.  The picture showed the wolf with Granny's legs sticking out.  Emersyn's eyes got ENORMOUS and she looked at me like WHAT???  I just kept reading and then Little Red Riding did the whole...Big eyes...Big nose thing and then the wolf ATE HER TOO!!!  What?? I was like...this is NOT the same story my mommy told me.  Poor Emersyn by then was gettting a little fidgety (understandable).  Then the wood cutter came and KILLED THE WOLF and cut him open with his axe...Seriously people this was a kid's book.  THEN the Granny and Little Red jump out of his tummy and live happily ever after.  Emersyn just looked up at me and said "I don't want to read that book anymore."  YEAH I guess!!!  I doubt she is going to be hopping off the Grandma's anytime soon either....poor girl!!  Ok...sidenote over:)
Last on my list, a group of Pyrex bowls from Etsy.  I have orange and red in my house and REALLY want to add more color to my kitchen.  I will be keeping my eyes open when I got thrifting though because if I spent 90 bucks on bowls my husband would wonder about my sanity. 

Well there you have it.  What do you have YOUR eye on these days???  Does it include CHOCOLATE because I am REALLY having some cravings!!!;)

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