Thursday, January 19, 2012

A few healthy printable coupons!!!

To help on my QUEST for a healthier new year, I am always searching for YUMMY products that are also HEALTHY!!!  Blogspark has provided me with 2 coupon links to share with my readers, so YOU can also start the year off healthy.  First off Whole Grains.  We all know we need them, but where do we find them???  Well I recently learned that you should look for cereals that list WHOLE GRAINS as the first ingredient (not sugar--bummer).  Helpful Hint---look for the white check mark.  Cereals with the white check have whole grains as the first handy!!!

Blogspark has provided THIS link for a coupon.  $1.75 off of TWO boxes with the white check.  SOO click the link below and start saving!!!

Next up, SMOOTHIES.  I mentioned earlier that I am going to start drinking green smoothies in order to stay healthy and lose weight.  My kids see me drinking smoothies and of course want some too.  They tolerate my SPINACH ones once in a while, but they really love the GOOD KIND, like the YOPLAIT yummy delicious ones.  Blogspark has also provided a link for $1.00 off of Yoplait frozen smoothies.  WE ARE BIG FANS OF THESE.  Just pop it in the blender and YUM!!!!  AND now they have a chocolate banana flavored one.  CANNOT WAIT!!!  SO click below for $1.00 off.  I am going to keep mine for DOUBLERS at Albertsons and hopefully score some super cheap CHOCOLATE flavored ones!!!

SOOO join me and print off some healthy coupons for GOOD healthy snacks!!!!

These coupons have both been provided by BLOGSPARK

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