Saturday, November 20, 2010

New for the shop


november 003  

If you have ever been to my etsy shop you know that I have lots of different vintage sheets and fabrics.  What you may NOT know is that I have never sewn anything with ANY of them.  Crazy huh??  I just started finding sheets that I LOVED…Listing them….Selling them….and never stopped to create.  SOOO I decided it was time I tried out my own product.  I LOVED 3 particular fat quarter prints I had, so I chose them and thought…..hmmmmm placemats.  So I got sewing and a few hours later…..I had placemats and napkins.  All cute and coordinating and fun.

november 004

I am not gonna lie….I kinda love them A LOT!!!  It was soo fun and easy to sew with the vintage fabric too.   No problems.  It is so nice and soft and already worn in….it is just what I want a fabric to be like.  It wasn’t too fragile or delicate and worked great.  And my favorite part….ONE OF A KIND.  I love that nobody else can just go to the fabric store and get the same fabric as me… that selfish??  I guess technically if they really wanted to fabric stalk me they could head to the thrift stores and try to find the same ones, but  REALLY??? 

november 006

I decided to go a little bit reversible for more options, so both the napkins and placemats have more than one option.  I love options, I love change, I love moving things around.  I guess that is why I love thrift shopping… pay so little that you can change your mind more often.  Like on my last trip I got two purses that I LOVE!!!  6 bucks apiece….for real leather and SUPER cute.  Now even if I only use each of them for a week (or 15 years) I will have gotten my moneys worth…..I am way off topic though.

PLACEMATS….Oh yes…..I tried them out on my table.  I WISH my table looked like that at dinner time.  I actually had to scrub play dough (from a week ago), marker, and finger paints off of the table top just to get a NON-rainbow table in the picture.  Since I will not be using fancy napkins (or real plates) on my table any time soon I put these in the shop.  Now I think I am on a mission to make them in every color of vintage print I can find……after I take a little nap that is:)

november 002

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