Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Apron-y Goodness!!

I found another use for my extra vintage fat quarters.  APRONS.  I cannot say how much I love aprons.  They are cute and fun and add a little GIRLIE to a day filled with poop, and sweat, and cleaning supplies.  I wish I could tie an apron around my big ole' pregnant self right now....but I cannot.  SOOO after making a cute little vintage-y yellow-y apron, I decided to put it into the shop.  Maybe someone NOT pregnant can enjoy it:)

I bought the box pleated trim at JoAnn and NOW I wanna buy it in every color.  SERIOUSLY....EVERY color!!!
I also made another version with lace and ribbon.  I like the more traditional look, and think it looks like my gramma's kitchen:)  I might need to try another picture taking session....looks a little pale, but in real life it is pretty cute!!

I planned on making a BUNCH more, but then Thanksgiving Week happened and my sewing (and cleaning, and cooking, and living) have been on hold for a while.  Maybe tommorrow I will make some Parade watching aprons!!!  Happy Thnaksgiving Ya'LL!!!

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marciekoch said...

super cute! I love the box pleat!