Friday, April 9, 2010

Windy days--BLAH!!!

I am getting super tired of the wind and cold weather that is RUINING my plans for Springtime Fun!!!  Emersyn and I are once again housebound and we NEED some time out-of-doors!!!  These are the only darn "flowers" I have growing in my yard right now--sigh!!!!
We braved the wind one afternoon for some MUCH requested bubble blowing.  We could not even get BUBBLES to form because it was just TOO windy--ARGHHH!! 
Needless to say we have been spending lots of time together inside.  Emerysn has gotten so sick of me she has actually traded me in for a new friend.   She drug this POOR un-suspecting bunny back to her table and forced him to COLOR!!  "Color Bunny--COLOR!!!"  She was getting a little upset that he just SAT there:)
I think she thought he just needed some coaching.  She kept trying to get the pencils to stay in his paw.  She REALLY wanted him to color with her. 
I finally got some pictures of Em in her recycled skirt.  It is a little short (I guess I REALLY should have used a boy's shirt and not a girl's shirt), but with some leggings it looked stinkin cute. 
I am running into a problem at my house.  Check it out....
My little sweetie is getting bored while I am in the shower and finding ways to entertain herself.  First it was with my make-up.  She REALLY thought she had done a great job too.  She kept telling me "MY Pretty mommy" and would not let me clean her up.  SOOOOO I showed her what she looked like in the mirror.  You could see the confusion---HMMMMM I really thought I had done a good job---how did I get to look like this???  YOu could tell she had really tried to get the mascara right too--good thing she did not poke her darn eyes out!!!
Then the next day I came out of the shower to find this in my closet---all of my socks dumped.  I followed the trail of socks to find this...
Sexy huh????  We are also on a pants strike....her not me.  She takes her pants off ALL DAY LONG!!!  She would be on a diaper strike too, but I have to draw the line somewhere. 
Today she had taken off her diaper (poopy btw) and came and found me in the shower.  I spared you those pictures.  HMMMM I stress the whole time I am in there wondering what will be destroyed next.
I have gotten a little crafting done--not much though.  I have a few baby showers coming up so I made a couple self binding receiving blankets.  I also made some matching burp cloths.  This time I only had strips of fabric left so I made stripey ones and I did not have any batting so I left it out.  I actually think I might like them better without the batting--go figure.  It only took me making about 100 before I figured that out. 
I have also seen cute fabric braclets everyone on blogs.  So I tried it out.  It was super  easy. 
I used a cheap plastic bracelet.  It was like a live strong bracelet, but this was a Michael Jackson one--super classy (but on sale).  I just took a strip of fabric about an inch wide and starting wrapping it around and around. Then when I got it all the way around I used fabric glue (you could use a glue gun but I didn't wanna wait for it it heat up) to hook the end under the bottom of the bracelet---EASY!!!  I would love to make more, but Emersyn has taken (and probably lost) the other 3 of the 4 pack of bracelets.  Maybe one day I will do this again.  I have not left my house since Easter, and I am actually looking forward to getting out of her to go to Wal-Mart today---I must be going house crazy to WANT to go grocery shopping!!!

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