Monday, April 12, 2010

Pumpkin cake in April--Why not???

I was cleaning out my pantry the other day and found a cake mix and a can of pumpkin.  I know it is not really the right season, but I LOVE pumpkin cake so I whipped up a batch using the easiest pumpkin cake recipe EVER. 
All you need is 1 boxed cake mix ( I prefer spice or carrot) and a can of pumpkin (or pumpkin pie filling--either works).
You just mix the two together---do not add anything else!!!  Simple huh????  It works to cook in a 9x9 for really thick cake.  Or a bigger pan for thinner cake.  Or a cupcake pan for cupcakes or muffins. I like to call them muffins because I can eat more muffins than cupcakes without feeling guilty.  Use the baking temperature from the cake mix and cook until a toothpick comes out clean.  It can take a while to cook, but it is worth it.  They stay super moist and they are low fat (compared to actual cake).  I don't know how LOW is LOW, but I tend to not think about it and eat a ton.  It is good with cream cheese frosting, but my favorite is with whipped cream on top,  This is my GO-TO recipe.  If I forgot that I need to make something I whip these up and VOILA--yumminess.  I need to try it with a SPRINGY type cake mix and see how it works.  HMMMMM????? 


marciekoch said...

you're making me know how i love your pumpkin cake!

Kelly said...

Tried your recipe last night--went with the "muffins." Good thing too, because I ate 3 myself last night, and the hubbs ate 7 (!) for breakfast this morning. Would have been MUCH less healthy if called "cake" instead. :) Thanks for the easy, yummy recipe!