Saturday, April 10, 2010

3 Little Cuties

This week I made Emersyn a cute little dress using A PATTERN!!!  Yep--that is my first time.  It was  a free pattern, and only had 3 pieces, but STILL!!  I thought it was cute and tried to get Em to try it on, and she told me NO--LANEYS.  Apparently she thought the dress looked more like Delaney's style than her own.  It got me thinking....WHY NOT????  So I made one for Delaney, and one for Gracelyn.  I wish I could get them all together wearing them--and holding still, but that is for sure a lost cause, so this still picture is it.  I used THIS free pattern.  It was SUPER easy and fun.  I will be keeping this around for the next few summers because the pattern goes to a size 6 I think---CUTE!!!
My favorite part was the little bit of ric-rac along the top.  I have a thing for ric-rac:)
Emersyn got to wear hers today to Baby Colton's shower.  She was thrilled to see her two best friends and to get some yummy snacks. 
She also realized that Gracee has cooler toys than she does (or maybe just different ones).
AND decided she REALLY wants a baby brother for her birthday.  I think she honestly has a better shot at getting a play kitchen---but who knows;)


marciekoch said...

what does that little wink mean?! ;)

Marilee said...

Yeah, what does that wink mean!?
Love the dresses and love the pic of Emersyn being a little Mommy...that is a framer !