Sunday, April 18, 2010

Instant Birthday Present

Jenny and Blake had a combined birthday/slumber/pedicure/pampering party on Friday.  It was a crazy night of massages, FOOD, Food, candy, and tons of fun!!!  Me and Franny enjoyed the Candy Bar---like an all you can eat buffet of yummy candy---YUMM!! 
ANYWHOOO--I had already celebrated Jenny's birthday with her and given her a birthday present.  HOWEVER I did not want to show up empty handed, so I made an INSTANT birthday present.
I took a piece of scrapbook paper and folded it into fours to make the card.  Then I used a glue stick on the inside of the folds so that it did not flap apart.  I cut another piece to decorate the front and then flipped a small piece over to the back (the white side) and wrote a message. I should have printed up the wording, but I was tight on time and used my own ugly handwriting:(
Next, I cut two squares and glued three edges to the iside of the card--leaving the top un-attached.  On one side I slipped in a gift card for a movie (Todd and I have had this since our wedding so I decided to re-gift it---not tacky right???? I checked to make sure it still had all of the money on it).
On the other side I made Jen a coupon for free babysitting.  Their anniversary is next month and I thought they might need a date night.
I am sure Todd would have rather me spend more money than agree to watch Creete over night:) 
The gift was a hit---with my sister at least.  She loved the idea of already having a babysitter.   Can't beat a cute, personalized present that only took about 10 minutes to make.   There you have it---The instant gift!!!  BTW the card did not fit into any envelopes, so I slipped it into a small gift bag with a piece of tissue on top---that way she even had a present to open-----even 35 year olds like to open presents right????

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