Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Makeover--Princess bed and a few odds and ends I have not been slacking on the whole 52 weeks of MAKE OVER thing...but I am a bit slacking on the whole....BLOGGING thing:)  Recently Emersyn started Pre-school, which means that Ethan and I have 2 1/2 hours to kill without our happy helper.  We have spent quite a bit of that time at thrift stores.  My first find....
A Princess Bed Tent for Emersyn's room.  I didn't plan on changing Em's room at the moment, but could not resist this beauty for just 8 bucks.  It has cute little butterflies on it (which just happened to be the EXACT color of her bedroom).  SHE LOVES IT!!!!!!! 

I find her in there playing with her babies or stuffed animals.   She uses it as a fort.  When she takes a nap, it is RAPUNZEL's tower...and I of course am Flynn Ryder. 

In the beginning she would play herself to sleep and  I would have to come SAVE her in the middle of the night because she would be all tangled up.  BUT now I guess she has figured out how to un-tangle herself...THANK GOODNESS!!!  Ok....moving on to Cool Find Number 2....
 This was another Goodwill find.  For 10 bucks I am SUPER excited to have some storage in her room.  Clearly I have not figured out WHAT to store yet, but I am working on that.  AGAIN....what are the odds that the tubs would EXACTLY match her bedroom????  I found the tent and the shelf in the same day...and I am not gonna lie I was PRETTY PROUD OF MYSELF!!!
The next to additions to her room have been on my TO-DO list for about...A YEAR!!!  I even had the stuff to make-over, just not the time, energy, or motivation.  BUT once one thing gets up-graded, it is best to keep the ball rolling.  SO I took this little shelf I found at Value Village for 5 dollars and gave it a face lift. 
 I thought it had potential...although the bright drawers....not a fan.  SOO I sanded it and spray painted it all white.  Then I used some of the leftover paint from her walls to paint the knobs.  AND VOILA....a cute little shelf for all of her hair stuff.  It is perfect for holding clips and rubberbands.  And I can imagine that SOME DAY she can put her little jewelry stuff or something in it.  Kinda Fun!!
 THEN....I took this frame from Value Village (2 bucks) and took out the glass and lovely mountain scene.
 I spray painted the frame, stapled chicken wire to the back of the frame (there are tutorials ALL over the web for the how too), and added the bows ( I probably needed a bigger frame--haha!!).  I just wanna add that I used my BRAND NEW staple gun, which is MY FIRST OFFICIAL TOOL.  I have never had a tool of my own, so this is not borrowed from the MAN OF THE HOUSE....IT IS MINE!!!  I love that.  And another side-note...I used the power sander ALL BY MYSELF to sand the shelves.  YEP....pretty proud of myself!!!  I know SOME women are all independent and use power tools and stuff...Not Me.  But I am getting NON-hand removing tool at a time:)

Here is the new HAIR STATION....Much better than the huge pile of junk that used to reside on the top of her dresser!!

And since the REAL reason for my blog is to remember this time of my life and the lives of my kiddos, I am gonna take a quick tour of Emersyn's room as it is right now.  Go ahead and blog hop somewhere else if you like. 
Her dresser area is in one corner.  We found the dresser on Craigslist and Todd did some touch up painting to it.  I love that it is kinda throw back vintage looking---although it is actually from Target (shhhh).  
The shelves I got from Grandma June before Emersyn was born.  She thought I might find a use for them....yes please.  I painted them and think they are kinda cute and girlie.  The 2 vintage signs and the cute soap box were a gift for Baby Girl when she was born (Thanks Paula).  The hanging signs were made by my Bobbie and have cute little vinyl words on them.  The tiny ceramic piggies were found by Russ  and given to us (since anyone who knows me AT ALL knows I have a thing for piggies).  Next are Em's first little baby shoes--I cannot make myself pack them up.  AND LAST  are her cute little Birthday Girls.  One for each of her 3 birthdays and given to her by Grandma Marilee. 
 Next to her bed is her night stand.  I painted this when I was pregnant with her.  This night stand was next to my bed MY WHOLE LIFE.  I stacked my books under it and stashed my treasures (and journal) in the little drawer.  I KNEW she needed it too.  So I sanded off the ugly dark brown paint and replaced the old school gold knob with a pretty flower.
 Ballerina Piggy bank came from Marcie and has already been emptied once into a savings account---woop woop!!!!!  The little girl lamp was given to us by my Aunt Brenda.  It belonged to my cousin Jamie and was given to her by my Grandma Louise.  My Grandma painted it for her and she had had it in HER room for her whole life.  She kept it to pass to her daughter, but since she doesn't have any children, she wanted Emersyn to have it.  I actually have the SAME lamp, but painted in different colors.  Mine was given to me by MY Grandma June and it resides up stairs in my craft room.  They both mean more to me than I can express and I LOVE that Emersyn gets to grow up with a piece of her Great Grandmas.   
MOVING ON.   The ugly star is Emersyn's music box.  As a baby she was the worst sleeper EVER.  This music plays for EVERY nap, EVERY bed time, AND EVERY nightmare---night waking---quiet time.  I am sure she can now go to sleep without it, but I don't wanna find out. 

Phewww....that about sums it up.  There are a few more changes I would like to add to Emersyn's room to make it a little more BIG GIRL.  But for now we are pretty happy with the results:)

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Marilee said...

She loves her room! She took me in and showed me all the new stuff and when she got to the clip holder she said "Isn't that fancy Gramma?." Love her! I have a little table with the heart cut outs just like the middle shelf if you ever have a need for it. Great job Jessica!