Monday, September 5, 2011

Makeover Monday-- 1 down, 51 to go

I have about A MILLION half done projects going on in my house right now.  SERIOUSLY.  I am that person who is UN-linear.  Most people would attack their house one room or project at a time.  NOT ME!!!  I jumped in and attacked EVERTHING in my house.  Now I have a FEW organized areas amongst A LOT of chaos.  My completions so far are pretty boring and have not made ANY impact on the overall look of my house, but they have made me FEEL better, so that is what counts I guess. 

To start off, I have been reading multiple books on cleaning and organization strategies...

 and then I found a 21 days to getting organized challenge....

and sooooo a lot of what I did this weekend was CLEANING and ORGANIZING.  Not fun for me...not really too fun for you either.  BUT here it is. 
PER the 21 day challenge I started with JUNK DRAWER.  Only problem....I have about 5 junk drawers in my house.  I tackled 3.
PER Unstuff Your Life, EVERTHING NEEDS A HOME AND LIKE THINGS SHOULD BE WITH LIKE THINGS.  I have always believed this, but needed it to hit me over the head.  SOOO I am also trying to find PERMANENT places for all of my STUFF.
PER...something else I read somewhere....take before and after pictures so that you can look at them and be embarressed and NEVER wanna go back to that ugliness.  I am going one step further and showing YOU ALL the ugliness so that I will be even more MORTIFIED and never let my drawers get so *&%! out of control. 
Junk Drawer #1 BEFORE
After: I stole some trays from my bathroom drawers (which are coming up soon on the list) and divided up the nonsense. 


After:  Mostly I had to put the 1 thousand things that didn't belong in there in THEIR homes and then the drawer was a snap to clean up.  I am still thinking about dividers, but good for now.


After: 90% of the crap went in the trash. Now I have phone numbers and addresses.  I should really get more friends so I have enough numbers to fill the drawer back up:)

I also tackled THIS ugly mail holder and got it all cleaned out and pretty again, but have not figured out my NEW HOME for the mail yet....working on that one still:)
Pretty boring.  I hear ya. I WOULD totally recommend these 2 books if you are looking to de-clutter.  They are not start to finish reads, but skim and skip through books.  I LOVE people giving me ideas for keeping the crap chaos under control.  ANYWAY....
 I hope to have some of the fun stuff finished up SOON.  On the half done list....3 spray painting projects, 1 Ana White wood project, and creating a new office area in my bedroom.  BUT until I get off my bum and off PINTEREST.....

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Countrylivn' said...

Good job! I need to follow your example, I can barely shut my junk drawer!