Sunday, September 11, 2011

ABC Baby you and me now....

I found these ABC exercise cards and thought they looked PERFECT for us.  1.  Emersyn LOVES to exercize right now.  2.  She is also learning her letters.  WIN WIN!!  I didn't cute them up like THEY did because I figured the fun would wear off quick or Ethan would eat them anyway.  I just printed them and cut them out.  And guess what......
 We are getting big old muscles.  YES WE ARE:)  This was a hit.  First we identified the letter and then we did the activity listed. 
 This is not gonna get you abs of steel, but it does get your heart beating.  We did the whole alphabet AND Emersyn usually makes us do it ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE HOUSE.  For example if the card says walk in place.....we walk in place through the whole house. 
 I got a good sweat going (it was a 90 degree day though).  It was better than sitting around on the couch and typing on the computer:)   So if you have a busy little one and need an excuse to get off your bum...print these.  OR if you need to make dinner and want your busy one to scram....print these.
Have fun getting your KARATE KICK on!!

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