Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little crush on my happy chairs....

To further along my Home Makeover I headed from Princess Room to Dining Room.  I have  a cheap dining room table.  I will admit it.  I also have NO desire to upgrade to a better one.  Every day something disgusting, hazerdous, or just plain disasterous happens to that table.  It has been Sharpied, gouged with a fork repeatedly, finger painted, and had construction paper glued all over it.  AND that was all in the past two weeks.  No sir....no new table for me until my kiddos are all past the RUINING phase.
SOOO I decided to upholster them.   They were just plain wood before.  Now they are plain wood with a little KICK:)  Can you tell which one Em helped with????
She REALLY wanted to show off her creation--she cracks me up!!!!
I used THIS site to help with the actual upholstery.  BUT I did a few things differently.  I used oilcloth for starters.  I KNEW that there was NO point in covering my chairs with fabric.  That would have lasted about....2 minutes before they were totally ruined.  So OILCLOTH it was.  I ordered it from ETSY.  I used THE OILCLOTH ADDICT.  I would TOTALLY order from her again.  She was nice, quick, helpful AND the price was right. 
Another difference....It only took me about 1.5 yards of the 3 yards I ordered.  She used 6 yards of fabric for 6 chairs.  I only needed 1.5 for 3 chairs.  Not sure what the difference was.  I could do two across the width of the fabric.  SOOO now I have a giant leftover piece of oilcloth---now I need another project. 
ONE more difference, I used 2 inch foam instead of 1 inch foam.  SOOO I folded my corners like a present instead of with pleats.  I liked the way it looked....crisp and clean and square. 
 Although this took some time, it was pretty easy and I felt it had big pay off.  I LOVE THEM!!!  They make me happy.  Happy in the kitchen does not happen too often.....So I am going to savor it while it lasts.  And REALLY  doesn't the cute little chair look pretty happy too?? :)

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Lisa said...

Sooo cute! Good job Jess!