Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's cookin'????

I have decided to broaden my crafting this year and have already learned many new things. Yesterday I tried my hand at something new--which was an absolute first for me. I made Em some Valentines Day hair bows. I understand the top one looks like Em helped make it, but it was my first attempt and I think I will get better if I keep it up. It was fun to do something brand new.

I tried again to make the self-binding receiving blanket from this tutorial. This time I used my new favorite piggy fabric. I did better on this blanket and think I am getting the hang of it. PLUS how darn cute are those piggies??

Another first for me---button holes. I started this bag over a year ago and hated it about half way through. The other day I decided that I didn't wanna waste all of that time and fabric, so I finished it. PLUS I am still working on last years New Years Resolution to finish things that I start. SO I whipped it up AND made button holes--actually they are pretty fun to do!!

This picture is pretty ugly, but then again I am not in love with the bag either. It is done, and that is all I can say about it. I DO like the picture of the garbage can in the back ground--Very Classy Ehhh?? I think I might at least use this bag to carry my primary stuff to church--I need to have some use for it:)

I made another good fabric find. I got this 4 pack of receiving blankets at TJ Maxx for about 5 dollars. The pieces are a little less than a yard each, which means it come to about a dollar 30 a yard or something. That is amazing for flannel right??? Plus it is cute--I love the brown dots!!

I had some leftover backing fabric, so I made these cute little green fancy burp cloths. They are rag edged and I used this blog for the pattern and idea.

I had some more piggy fabric, so today I whipped up another piggy blanket and some matching burp cloths. LOVE THE PIGGIES. I also took pictures of the blanket making process, so stay tuned for my blanket making for dummies tutorial!!

Well--nothing major, but for better or worse that is what we have been doing the last few days. Happy February Everyone!!!


Brock and Emily Gibbons said...

Holy Cow jessica! There is hope to be able to get things done after you have a child.....or at least you can! I feel like I do nothing besides feed and rock my child all day. Lol. I LOVE all the things you are making. When I get life back in order we should make some cute things! The hair pieces are adorable!!!!

Connie~ said...

Cute projects as always. I'm going to try the burp cloths. I have a bunch of flannel scraps.

Also, if you want to see how Rosie makes bows, go to her blog, here is a step-by-step pictorial of how to make some.