Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bye Bye Birdies!!!

While Shaun White was doing THIS....
I was busy finishing THIS...

The Birdies are done!!!  I got the fabric for this quilt almost a year ago and FINALLY finished it.  I have started and stopped and started and stopped, but finally I got the incentive to complete this project about a month ago.  My Aunt Tami asked me to make and donate a quilt to A Pink Night To Remember--a dinner and auction to help raise money for Breast Cancer.  I thought that if I was going to donate something it better be good, for one.  AND it better be special.  This quilt represented the best quilting I can do at this time.  It was my FIRST attempt at machine applique.  My FIRST attempt at small grid quilting on a large quilt.  AND my first attempt at sewing my binding on using my machine (not by hand).  SOOOO long story short I was thinking about how in the BIBLE, when people were to make a TRUE sacrifice, they gave up their best.  WELL I don't have sheep, but this is the best I have to give:)  I am sad to see it go, but hope it raises some money for Breast Cancer!!!

The backing is my most favorite part.  It is FLANNEL--can it get any better than that????? FLANNEL BIRDIES:)  YUM!!!

By the way Marcie--once you machine bind---YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!  Seriously changed my life tonight.  I did a little zig zag just to spice things up a bit:)
Bye Bye Birdies♥ *sniff sniff*♥

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