Monday, February 8, 2010

I am in a craft induced coma!!

This weekend was long and full of lots of crafts and good memories. 
Starting on Friday, I cleaned out Em's baby bed to take to Baby Peanut Wieseler.  Em was not sure she was ready to give it up and spent the morning sitting in it telling me it is "My Baby Bed!!!"  Then, Todd and I took Emersyn to Mid Columbia Gymnastics to play in the open gym.  It was just her and Delaney and abot a hundred other crazy kids!!! 

She pretty much took off bouncing and NEVER looked back.  She jumped and climbed and hopped and played for an hour and a half!!!

Pretty good tecnique for a two year old:)
Her and Laney enjoying a break.
"Come on Moo Moo!!"  It was pretty funny--the girls kept going off on their own.  Then they would ask "Where is Moo Moo?  Where is Laney?"  Then they would find each other.  Then they would run away from each other and start all over again.  I guess they have not quite got the whole--play with your friends--thing figured out!!
Beep Beep!!!
She was so exhausted when it was time to go that she didn't even have the energy to complain!!  We will for sure be going back again because it was worth the five bucks just to watch her bounce around.
Then on Friday afternoon I left Emersyn with her dad and headed to the Beta Crafting Retreat in Richland.  I had so darn much fun.  It is amazing how much you can accomplish when CRAFTS is the main thing on the agenda!!! 
Marcie and I crafted, chatted, snacked, and people watched.  It was a truly fun and relaxing time away from home.  My sewing machine got a work out and I am still recovering from the lack of sleep.  The first night I stayed from 4 until almost 2 in the morning.  I finally had to throw in the towel and go home because I KNEW Emersyn would not sleep in the next day. This is what I accomplished...

I worked on this WONDERLAND quilt top for my livingroom. AND made enough burp cloths for the whole state of Washington.  It is hard to tell in the pictre, but some of these are made and some are just cut out, but they are stacked and stacked.  I think I cut out about 30 and finished about 10. 

On Saturday, I was not at my best.  After goingt to bed about 2:30, Em woke up about 3:30 and had wet the bed.  Then she came to bed with me and through the tossing and turning and kicking, we sorta slept until 6:00.  I really tried to convince her to go back to sleep, but she was ready to watch Elmo and go to Grandam's!!!  SOOOO I started my day off early and headed back for some more crafting madness.  I made some more burp cloths.  I also made this cute diaper/wipes case.  And Marcie and I made receiving blankets.  I also took some fun classes and made a bracelet, learned how to make accordian picture books, AND
attempted to machine quilt.  Melissa Kelly came and patiently worked with me.  I started off horrible and ended up NOT GOOD.  But at least I know how to do it and I can practice Practice PRACTICE!!!  My free motion started off looking like coral and ended up looking like antlers--yikes!!
I kept hitting walls of fatigue, but about 10:00 I got a second wind and started working on this table runner.  I didn't finish and about 12:00 I called it a night.  I knew I had to get up and go to church AND teach four year olds the next day, so I gave in and went to bed.  I cannot wait for next year though--I had a blast!!
I had big plans to craft myself to death again during the superbowl, but I slept through the first half and sat in a daze during the second half.  My poor 30 year old body is just not what it used to be.  I REALLY need to sleep and am still not quite myself.  I did manage to bind my QUILTS FOR KIDS quilt.  I am not in LOVE with this one, but I am finished:)  I went to look for inexpensive fabrics to use for this quilt to send back with the quilt kit that they had sent to me.  I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg, but I wanted it to be cute.  When I cut out the fabric I was not sure.  When I layed out the fabric I thought it looked like vomit and wanted to throw it away.  Then I sewed it together and thought it was ok.  After I quilted it and washed it I actually kind of liked it, so I am happy I didn't give up.  But next time I will probably not shop in the clearance fat quarter box:)

I am SOOOO glad that I decided to participate in this cause.  I am ready to mail off my quilt to Quilts forKids  and I sort of feel like I am sending off two big-fat-warm-snuggly-hugs to 2 sick kids.  I still think EVERYONE who reads this should head over and check out their website--and then make a blanket for a sick kid this weekend--What else do you have to do???:)

I still kind of feel like I was hit by a bus and need a big long day of rest.  I could also use a maid and laudry-folder to pop by tomorrow afternoon--while I am napping--and work some magic.  Having Fun is hard work!!!!

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