Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Heard That Song Before

I finished another book tonight.  Not sure what my opinion is though.  The book is I Heard That Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark.  I loved the last book of her's that I read, but this one started off a little too slow for me.  The main gist is this...
A librarian (Kay) meets a billionaire(Peter) while planning a charity event.  They fall in love and have a whirlwind marriage.  He has been the person of interest in the murder of his former girlfriend (20 years ago) and the murder of his pregnant wife (a few years ago).  After their marriage the police start looking into the murders again and find the bodies of these victims and Kay's father--who had disappeared years ago--buried on Peter's property.  Her husband is arrested and she begins searching for the killer.  When Kay was a child, she overheard a conversation at Peter's house(on the night of his girlfriend's murder) and NOW that conversation MAY be the link to finding the real murderer.  The Problem--her husband is a known sleepwalker.  She starts to wonder if MAYBE he DID murder these peole.  OH THE DRAMA.
After the first little bit, it got exciting.  I was bored for a while, but then NEEDED to find out who the killer was.  If you like a good mystery I would recommend Mary Higgins Clark, but maybe not THIS book by her.  She has written like a hundred books, so maybe this one just wasn't my cup of tea--I don't really like tea anyway:)

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Olivieri Portrait Design said...

Sounds Great Jess. I'm always looking for a page turner for all the time I spend in the car... so excited to check this one out!