Saturday, February 20, 2010

Horsing around

Todd took Em to Gymnastics open gym yesterday.  From what I hear she fell in love with a stick horse.  It sounds like she road him around and "he he" and "ye-hawed" herself all over the place:)  I love the last picture becuase you can tell her piggies are really flying!! 
She must have taken a break to give the pony a rest.  I love this picture because it is totally EMERSYN.  She never stops talking--ALL DAY!!  She talks to herself, the dollies, the t.v., the kitty, whoever will listen to her.  When I put her to bed I can hear her talking to herself for a good fifteen minutes before she finally nods off.  And then in the morning she wakes up talking--somtimes she even talks in her sleep.  I have not clue where she gets it from--must be her Auntie Jen!!!
Emersyn has fallen in love with the upstairs and more specifically the guest room.  The piano is up there---she is a big fan--and a bed, rocking chair, and some stuffed animals.  Not a lot, but it is her new favorite hide out.  Today I lost Em for about 2 minutes.  I looked everywhere and then realized that she must be upstairs.  YEP!!!  This is what I found.  She was hiding under the covers.  When I came in she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep--she even makes fake snoring sounds--SO CUTE.  Then she popped up and said "Here I Is!!!"  She was pretty proud of herself and replayed this scene about---oh 100 times:)  She loves to pretend to sleep, but not to ACTUALLY sleep--go figure.
Speaking of sleep...I have not been getting any.  I LOVE WATCHING THE OLYMPICS!!!  I love the stories of the athelets, and the excitement, and most of all the winning.  I was totally entranced in the Men's Ice Skating competition.  I was totally Cold War and wanted the Russian guy to fall and lose.  He didn't fall, but I was still glad he lost.  I think Even Lysacek might be my new hero.  He knocked my socks off and kept me up till 1 oclock in the morning.  So while Evan Lysacek (Also known as Feather Wrists to Miss Marcie Koch) was winning his gold---I was making this...
This is the 2nd part of my donation to the auction for breast cancer.  I tested it out in Em's crib (I might need to make another one for us) and it looked cuter than cute. 
I was a simple little pattern, but then the applique kinda kicked my butt.  I tried out lots of different stitches on my machine and thought the finished look was ok--not as good as hand sewn, but I don't have that kind of time:)  The bunnies have button noses and the flowers have button centers--kinda fun and different.  Then I stitched in the ditch and around the bunnies and flowers and VOILA!!!
I loved this fabric and will be buying more of it for sure.  It just shouts SPRING TIME!!! 
I whipped up a cute bunny pillow to go along with it and am ready to hand them over to the auction.  Now I just hope someone bids on them--yikes!!!
AND....last but not least I finally got to make Pin Wheels:)  I decided to join a quilt along a few months back, but the poor lady in charge found out she was pregnant and just not up for it.  Finally she got the first block posted and so of course I could not stop until I had mine done.  Kinda cute.  Now I will be counting the days until block two is posted.
Besides sewing, the olympics, Elmo, and Fancy Nancy, we don't have anything else going on at our house--maybe we will break out and do somethng crazy this week...

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Countrylivn' said...

you are so ambitious! You give me encouragement, I love it!