Saturday, December 17, 2011

Walking in a Winter WONDERLAND!!!

Todd and I needed a PRE-HEADED TO CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL FOR A WEEK break.  So we decided that for OUR Christmas present to each other we would take a little trip.  I chose Leavenworth, and since I always get my way.....
 I have always heard that the Christmas lights were amazing and THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!!  Besides the fact that there was very little snow this year, Leavenworth is REALLY a winter wonderland!!!  We got to shop, eat, walk, snack, and pretty much enjoy the sites.  It didn't really matter WHAT we did because we did not have to push a stroller, stop for nap time, or eat at McDonalds.  We were able to sleep in and I was also able to sleep through the night for the first time in....YEARS!!!  That in itself was worth it!!! 
 ANYWAY...Since I knew I was headed into the cold and winter weather, I wanted some new WINTER gear.  You know when you are headed to Vegas and you have to get a Little Black Dress....or when you head to Hawaii you have to get a new bathing suit????  YOU KNOW!!!  Right???  I hope that is not just me;)  Anyway...I wanted something new, but I really wasn't in a shopping mindset, especially with Christmas on the way.  So I came up with a few cheap easy WINTER fixes that reved up my Winter Accessories and made me SUPER happy!!!
 First off, I made some FAUX Leg Warmers.  These LOOK like leg warmers, or boot socks, but they are not REAL.  All I did was this (shhhh don't tell anyone how easy it was)....I cut the arms off of a thrifted sweater.  THAT IS IT.  Then I just slipped them over my legs to stretch them out a bit, and VOILA.  Boot socks. 

I wanted a cute button on the top (because the ones on pinterest had them), so I grabbed a cute button and sewed it where I wanted it.  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.  I think they really did keep my legs warmer, plus they added a little SOMETHING to my 9 dollar Value Village boots. 

 NEXT, onto the neckwear.  I pretty much wear scarves EVERY day right now because they are warm and add a little cuteness to a boring outfit.  On PINTEREST there are so many cute ones, but I have recently been eyeing all of the cute crocheted Cowl Scarves.  TOOO BAD I DO NOT CROCHET.  So I did the next best thing.
I grabbed a knitted scarf from Goodwill.  Took all of the fringed ties off of the end.  Cut it the length I wanted.  Folded the end under and hemmed it.  Then folded it around my neck and sewed on some super cute vintage buttons (stolen from Gramma June's Stash). I didn't waste time making button holes, so the buttons are just for looks.  I just slip it up and over my head.  Not as HANDY as a REAL Cowl scarf made by hand by someone with some talent, but it only cost a dollar and I LOVED IT!!!  SCORE:)

 I loved it soo much in fact that I made another one fromt the leftover sweater (the one I made the legwarmers with).  I had to do things a little differently though.

I cut a large rectangle out of the back of the sweater (my front had a zipper, or that would have worked too).  I pretty much used the whole back of my sweater, but it was  a size small.  I bigger sweater would have given me more options.  Most importantly is that you keep the bottom edge of the sweater because it is the cutests part. 
Then I folded it right sides together and sewed 3 sides (leaving the cute ends un-sewn).  THEN flip it right sides out, wrap it around your neck, and sew on some buttons. 
Looking back at the pics, I decided that my buttons were not placed the way I wanted them.  I guess that is what happens when you craft at 2 in the morning the night before leaving on a trip:)  Easy fix though!!!!
The last item on my list was a cute hat.  I didn't want to spend much (because I had secret dreams of buying a new CUTER one once I got there). SOOO I headed to Target where they had all of their hats on clearance.  I got a plain hat with matching gloves for a buck fifty.  CANNOT beat that.  I grabbed a strip of black jersey (I just cut off the bottom of an old t-shirt) and then wadded it up (like took it and made it into a big messy wad of fabric).  Then I put the wad under my sewing machine needle and sewed back and forth until my wad stayed....WELL, wadded:)
Then I hot-glued a pretty little flower into the center.  I got the flower at Micheals a while back for something that NEVER got made....pretty glad it didn't too because the flower was perfect:)
So for about 5 bucks (a quarter of what it cost to ride in that carriage), I was able to re-vamp my winter clothes and fit right into to Boot-Land (aka-Leavenworth, but EVERYONE there had cute boots).  Happy Holidays Ya'll.  I hope you are enjoying these happy pre-Christmas days and having a little pre-holiday fun.  CHEERS to sleeping through the night:)


marciekoch said...

Um, hi. You are the cutest thing ever. I would've never thought about making those things. So cute!!

Alea said...

VERY cute! I need to do everything you just did! LOVE the boot legwarmer things.

Also, just wanted to let you know... The pillowcase you sent us (was it a year ago?) is now my daughter's "pilbow" and she just loves it. :-) Thanks!

Merry Christmas

Alea said...

OH, also... I made a Dora backpack too!

I linked to your blog as inspiration but it was in the previous post... :)

Mikaela said...

So before I read your post, I just saw the first picture of you and Todd, and I thought, DANG Jessica is so fashionable. She looks GREAT! You're so smart and creative for fixing up a few things. You look great. Glad you had a nice little getaway!