Saturday, December 3, 2011

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

 Clearly I have a problem....I cannot stop making sugar scrubs.  I LOVED the pumpkin scrub, I cannot wait to try the Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub, and I just could not stop until I had figured out how to make PEPPERMINT.  I looked around and found one recipe with crushed up candy canes (which sounded strange to me) and one that had too many expensive ingredients (although I bet it was bomb-diggity).  I decided to try some peppermint extract and see what happened. 

2.5 cups white sugar
1 cup oil (I used safflower)
4 Tbsp or less of Peppermint Extract
red food coloring (if you want the stripes)

Here is what I did:
Mix the sugar, Oil, and extract in a bowl.  4 Tbsp was pretty much a WHOLE small bottle of extract.  I am not sure this much was necessary, but since I cannot smell (allergies), I added a lot to be sure.  I used my 3 year old as the tester...when she said it stunk, I stopped adding.  BUT a week later after getting treated for my allergies, and now smelling, I think it smells great.  SOOO add what you want and stop when it smells good to you....DEAL???

Mix it up until all of the oil is blended in.  Then divide into two equal parts.  Try to be pretty equal so that you have equal red to white ratio (yep I took Statistics in college).  Then add a few drops of food coloring.  It did not take much.  I tried to use the least amount possible and still get the color I wanted because I didn't want any red hand staining.  I AM happy to report that I have used this pretty steady for a week and have NOT had any red hands....pretty impressive right?? :)
Next, for the stripes.  I added one layer and packed it with a beater.  Then I used a scraper to pat down around the edges.  Then of course just keep on layering and packing. 
I was pretty happy with my stripes, but I could have done a little neater job I think.  Maybe not.  I used the smaller sized mason jar and got ONE jar and ONE small jelly jar left over.  It takes a LOT more scrub to fill this way because you are packing it in.  If you didn't do stripes and didn't pack it, you could make the scrub go a lot further. 
Once again, the lids and candy cane ribbon were from WALMART. 
P.S....After a week of sitting on my counter, the stripes DID begin to run together.  SOOOO if you want pretty nice looking stripes, I would not make this too far in advance.  The stripes were a test run....I guess the jury is still out on them:) 

 I made some tags for this too.  I got kind of carried away and couldn't decide what I wanted exactly so I have OPTIONS:) 
To use the printable tags, just click on the picture and save it.  Then import it into a word document and copy and paste it 6 times.  Then add 2 columns and you should be able to print 6 to a page.  I attached them with large flat glue dots.  I just put them every so often around the edge and stuck it right on...worked like a charm.

One of my BFF's (you know who you are lady) is making some Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrubs, so I decided to whip us some tags for her (just in case---no pressure!!!).  Here they are if anyone wants to borrow them.

I guess I like to keep my options open:)  Happy Holidays and Cheers to clean, soft, minty fresh hands!!!


Countrylivn' said...

Jess, I am making 40 (yuck!)little containers of lemon and pumpkin spice for our relief society gifts. I am glad you love it too, I hadnt seen all of the other flavors that you have found but I do love the lemon! YOu are so creative I love all of your projects lately!

sunnymum said...

Thanks for sharing your "experiment" with the scent and the lines. Love your idea! ~Colleen