Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Potpourri--plus printable tags

SOOOOOO I have gone down the slippery slope to PINTEREST obsession I think.  ONCE again I couldn't get an idea out of my head and would not rest until I had made some Stove Top Simmering Holiday Potpourri.  I mean WHO DOESN'T trade sleep for crafts??????   Anyway....this is my new favorite thing.  I have it cooking on my stove as I type and it is making me happy to have the holly jolly scents of the season wafting through my house.  LOVE IT!!!!
I used a combination of LOTS of potpourri reasearch, but mostly used THIS post for the recipe, and about a million others for how to put it into a jar.  GO check out THIS one to see how pretty it looks cooking on your stove...delicious.  PLUS I think it looks so yum in the jar.  I used large jars and small jars.  The small ones needed some coaxing to get it all in and couldn't hold all the water.  The large ones had EXTRA room.  So I guess the choice is yours.
BTW...those who know me may wonder why I care that it smells....being that my allergies made me an UN-smeller for years.  Well luck may have it that on Wednesday I went to my ENT doctor and got some new meds.  RIGHT IN TIME TOO because as of yesterday I am back amongst the world of SMELLERS!!! YAY!!!!
Ok...side note over. 

I found the little red lids at WALMART in the canning aisle.  I pretty much HAD TO HAVE THEM.  I mean red and white check...SERIOUSLY!!!  They were cheap too...less than 2 bucks for a whole stack. since I changed up the tutorial a is how I made mine.
1/2 cup of fresh cranberries
1 orange
1 Tbsp whole cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
1 tsp. ground nutmeg (I never found any other kind)
***sidenote again***I bought cinnamon sticks at WALMART in the regular McCormick spice bottles.  There were only about 9 in a jar and cost around 5 dollars.  Kinda spendy.  I read online that you can get them at natural food stores or specialty food shops...I didn't try.  I did find some on Amazon though that may have been cheaper, but then you have shipping.  I never found cinnamon stick pieces in the stores (but I didn't search too hard).  I just paid the 10 dollars and moved on.  Just a thought!!

OK...Now the process...
I cut my oranges into eighths and threw half of them into the bottom of the jar.  Then I added half of the cranberries.  Next, I dumped in the cloves and nutmeg.  Then I added some water (I added half the water to get stuff floating).  Next, I put the cinnamon sticks around the outside of the jar.  I thought they were the cutest part, so I wanted them seen:)   Then I added the rest of the oranges and the rest of the cranberries on top.  Finally I added more water until it was about 3/4 full.  With the smaller was more tricky and more trial and error.  PLUS the recipient will have to add water for themselves when they cook it. the instructions for cooking are as follows:
Dump the contents of the jar into a small saucepan.  Always add enough water to  cover the bottom of your pan.   Simmer on low heat to release the lovely holiday scent.  Remove from heat and refrigerate at night.  Continue adding water and enjoy through the holiday season. Happy holidays!!!

I would probably print up the instructions and maybe add them to the back of the jar.  I didn't do that with this batch because they were for my friends.  BUT for my neighbors, I might wanna add the rules...that way I don't have to stand on the porch for 5 minutes explaining!!!  Just a thought:)

Moving right along....I printed the tags up on card stock and hooked them to the jars with large flat glue dots....worked great. 
Here is the printable tag.  If you would like to use it click the picture...insert into a word document...and print.  I cut and pasted it 6 times onto the page, made 2 columns, and printed 6 to a page.  Worked out great. 

Now follow my lead and make one for all your friends, neighbors, visiting teacher ladies, co-workers.....BUT FIRST make some for yourself!!!!  Happy Holiday!!!!


Gina said...

I would live to make these for everyone on my list this year! How long will they keep once prepared? Did you seal them by boiling? Keep then in the fridge? I would hate to have them go bad before my friends/family use them! Thanks so much. Great post!

Jessica said...

Gina---I did not boil or preserve these. I just topped them with the lid. I gave them within a few days of making them, but they lasted great. I did keep extras in the fridge. Then once they start to cook it, they need to put it in the fridge at night to preserve it. A lot of time I honestly left it on the stove because I forgot...but I never got mold or anything like that.