Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrifty Pants

The question I get the ABSOLUTE most from people when they find out I shop Thrift Stores is.....HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN YOU GO???
Seriously...what do I NOT look for:)  Since Emersyn likes to organize my purchases and I like to share my finds, here is a little trip down thrift store lane.  BTW...I hit 3 stores in 2 days for all of these purchases (2 Goodwills and a Value Village).

 I went in looking for ugly Christmas sweaters, and hit the Christmas jackpot.  I had no clue what I was going to do with any of these treasures, but knew they needed to come home with me.  SOOOO I guess my bit of thrifting advice would be this...if you cannot stand to leave it behind....TAKE IT!!!  On the other hand, I didn't go blindly into the store with no ideas.  I have been looking a lot on Pinterest and I knew that I was interested in some glass jars or vases.  THIS is one of the Pinterest finds that I had in the back of my mind.  
 That being said....what did I get????  I got a mini tree for Emersyn so that she would stop un-decorating the Christmas tree.  NOPE it didn't work, but she DOES love to decorate her very own tree too.  I also got 2 large bags of cinnamon pine cones, 2 old school tins, 2 coral colored poinsettia circles, an amazing vintage box that I am madly in love with, a small piece of greenery, a super cute yellow vintage glass jar,  and a hideous wooden tray. 
Also, a pair of Santa suspenders, a vase, 2 boxes of glass ornaments, a black wooden pedestal, a hurricane vase, and a glass pedestal. 
As I got home and started to pull out everything, I got lucky.  My vases and my pedestals matched up perfectly and some of my finds meshed well together.  I decided to decorate my Kitchen Island (since I normally just dump mail and odds and ends on it). 
The finished project was not what I had in mind when I started, but it ended up looking so ME!!! Actually it was WAY MORE ME than what I had in mind.  I love when my house looks ME....don't you:) this vintage box not all you can think about now???  It cost me 3 bucks (kinda spendy compared to my normally thrifty buys), but I could not leave it there amongst the broken toys and dirty socks.  I cannot wait to find ways to use it for EVERY season!!!
All of the other items were between 50 cents and 2.00, so all in all I ended up staying pretty thrifty.  Except the glass pedestal which was 6 bucks.  I almost didn't take it, but I am sooooo glad I did because it matched the vase PERFECTLY and was JUST what I was looking for.  YAY!!!
OK.  So what about the stuff I didn't use????  The poor sad tray will be painted and re-finished some day.  The AMAZING yellow jar sadly got dropped on my garage floor (by me) and didn't make it.  I actually cried tears---I REALLY liked it!!!  The greenery---not sure where that is???  And the poinsettias are wrapped around some sconces in my living room.  Waste not, WANT not!!!
Besides hitting the Christmas aisles though, I did manage to make a few fun finds...
 Clearly the shoe department got hit.  I found me a pair of boots for only 9 dollars....couldn't leave them behind.  Plus...I ACTUALLY have a craft involving these boots coming up.  TRUST ME---CUTE!!!  The little boots for Em make me happy just looking at them.  Who doesn't need jingle balls on their shoes????  Mini water boots for my miniture farmer friend BODE.  Now he can match his DADA while they work in the fields.  AND a pair of Robeez for my boy.  Also an Eastern Hoodie for Ethan... since both of his parents went their and have sweatshirts (too cute for words right??).  Plus, a sparkly black sweater for Christmas,
 a long teal cardi (just love saying that), some brand new Carters footie jammies,  a scarf (with the TARGET tags still on, and a cute bright piece of fabric (no real purpose in mind). 
AND just because...Emersyn got this black velvet coat with animal print lining and a fur collar.  SHE loves it.  I LOVE IT!!!  WIN WIN BABY!!! 
AND little man got this brown Gymboree Puffer jacket and an Old Navy Hat (tags still on). 
OHHHH and I almost forgot the suspenders.  They worked double duty.  They added to my husbands ugly Christmas ensemble....AND Emersyn used them to tie up her brother.  Totally worth 50 cents right:)

SOOO there you have it.  That is where my money went...cute clothes and shoes that I am SUPER excited about.  AND some new holiday decor.  TOTALLY successful thrifting for me.  I got to get my shopping fix AND still have money for Christmas presents:)  OHHHHHHH and I found the BEST Christmas sweater!!! 

 We didn't even win...who is uglier than us???? REALLY!!!! :)
 AND the best part of the whole thrify day....getting to be a twin to such a cute girl.  Now she wants to be my twin every day.....and also wants to wear a side pony!!! 
Happy Holidays and Happy Thrifting!!!!

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