Friday, November 18, 2011

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub---good enough to eat:)

I just found my new favorite gift to give.  NOT KIDDING.  I pinned THIS a while back, and FINALLY decided to follow through.  I made Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub for the ladies I go visiting teaching too AND for Ms. Tonya the pre-school teacher extraordinaire.  This was SERIOUSLY simple.  Just mixing up oil and sugar and spice.   I used Sunflower Oil by the way.  The tutorial mentioned using vegetable oil, olive oil (kinda stinky), or many other kinds of oils.  I found a huge bottle of  Sunflower in the OIL aisle at Walmart for 3 bucks.  That made it the winner for me!!! 

If you have never used Sugar may not think this is such a great idea.  BUT IT IS.  I use this stuff on my dry scaly winter YUCKO hands and it works like a champ.  You can also use it on your elbows and knees if they get yucky.  I tend to crawl on the floor a lot with my kids or making crafts, so my knee caps are brown and dry.   This stuff sluffs it right off.  LOVE IT!!!  SOOO if you are looking for a gift for a co-worker, friend, neighbor, or just someone with dry skin....THIS IS IT.  BTW...I made one batch and filled one small, 2 medium, and 1 largish jars. 
The original blogger also has printable tags.  I printed them onto sticker paper and put the stickers right onto the jars and onto the lids.  I LOVED THE STICKERS.  It was much easier than using paper and adhesive and trying to attach them.  Stickers worked like a charm!!!

I also found the scoops at Walmart.  They came in a 3 pack (1small, 1medium, and 1 large) for about 3 bucks.  I am not gonna lie.  I pretty much think the scoops were the cutest part.  Is that lame????  Maybe so, but I am a little lame I guess;)  Do you know how lame I am????  Well lets just say that every time I look at this stuff or think about it I get a big smile.  Sugar Scrub+Jessica=BFFs!!!


marciekoch said...

i love it!! i want to try to make it! sounds yummy!

Marilee said...

I think I better try this because some of the skin on my hands could seriously cut paper! The jars/stickers look really cute. : )

Jessica said...
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