Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pirate Party EXTRAVAGANZA!!!


halloween 067

SoOOO Halloween has come and gone, but the mess of my house STILL remains.  We had our 2nd annual HALLOWEEN party at our house.  A dozen little kiddos running around eating candy and playing with swords.  Did I mention it was a pirate party???  THUS the swords.  BUT still….crazy!!!  I really wish there was a holiday where CANDY was not involved.  I bought NON chocolate this year so that I would not eat all of the candy, but it backfired.  NOW I just realize that I also love Banana Laffy Taffy and Twizzlers. 

halloween 025

The Pirate Perkins plus one beautiful Rapunzel.

halloween 060

Rapunzel had the BEST DAY EVER!!!!  We have pretty much been watching this movie EVERY day at least once (sometimes 4 times) a day for a few months, so for her to be Rapunzel was PERFECT!!!  She was happy…I was happy.  That is UNTIL she wanted mommy to make her costume.  I learned A LOT because 90% of the instructions for this costume were things I had NEVER done or even heard of.  I also learned that next year we are going to the Costume store FIRST and then if we cannot find the costume we want, we MIGHT head to the fabric store.  LESSON LEARNED!!!

halloween 068

Although I planned to make Ethan’s costume using THIS tutorial, I caved.  After all of the time and money spent on the PRINCESS dress, I headed out to buy Pirate Parrot Boy!!!  My sanity is WORTH 15  bucksSmile

halloween 029

NO party is complete without decorations and activities.  Here are a few of our Piratey Fun Times!!!

Indoor Bounce House---best kid pleaser EVER!!!  And the Jessica Pleaser…A little Johnny… 

halloween 089halloween 087

We had a couple of crafts from Oriental Trading (they rock).  Check out the duel Rapunzels…Little girls love their crafts.  I am pretty sure the boys were all out gouging each other with swords and sticks and such.  

halloween 100

The best part of the party (based on the amount of squealing and laughing) was the TREASURE HUNT. 

I drew up a map of the house on some burlap, burnt the edges on a few fun clues, and filled an old treasure chest with…well treasure!!!

halloween 028halloween 027

I spotted this great trunk in my grandma’s shed and asked VERY NICELY if we could borrow it.  Then I filled it with all sorts of fun stuff.   This picture is AFTER the kiddos plundered all of their treasures.  They got loot bags filled with a compass, gold coin candy, a pirate sucker, some pencils, a couple tattoos, ring pops, and a blow out party favor.  They also got a Capri Sun and a Pirate dress up kit (courtesy of the Dollar Store). 

halloween 037halloween 040

halloween 107

Because the Treasure didn’t contain ENOUGH candy, we also had a treasure chest pinata (Oriental Trading). 

halloween 108

Decorating was my favorite part.  I will spare you the details, but everything was from Oriental Trading and the Dollar Store.  No need to spend too much.  There were a FEW things that I really wanted.  One was a plank.  I settled for a 2 by 4 on the floor. 

halloween 128

I also wanted a SHIP centerpiece.  I somehow only got a picture after the kids had cleared and the mess remained, but at least it was still standing.  I tried to find some sort of ship building demo online, but nothing fit what I wanted.  I didn’t want to build an ACTUAL ship.  So I made it up as I went.  I placed a cardboard box upside down on the counter with the flaps all flipped out and laying on the counter.  Then I cut a small hole in the tape on the bottom of the box and shoved my broom through. For some reason the bristle part of the broom kept the pole from tipping over…it balanced right on the counter.  NOT SURE WHY.   My broom had a small hole in the tip, so I put a wood dowel through the hole and hot glued it in place.  Then I used twine to tie some black plastic for the sail.  Then I covered the box by cutting a plastic tablecloth halfway up the middle and wrapping it around the pole.  Then I used a straw and two pieces of paper to make a flag.  Low budget, not TOO pretty, but PERFECT!!! AND much better looking without all of the crap piled around it…oops!!!

halloween 125halloween 127

I thought the bats were lonely, so I gave them some rat friends to play with.  Rats courtesy of MarthaStewart.com.

I found these plastic apples on…wait for it…Oriental Trading, and KNEW I wanted them.  They come pre-filled with a treat, but I loaded them up with Rolos…cause I couldn’t find any more gold coin candiesSmile  My little helper REALLY likes these.  The day after the party I filled the bowl back up and threw the apples back in and kept him busy for a good hour. 

halloween 045

That smile is WELL WORTH the money!!!!

halloween 043

Emersyn is planning next years party already and all of the kids left with a smile, so I guess we will plan to have a 3rd annual party next year.  Maybe my floors will be cleaned by then…haha!!!

Well Me and Mr. Bones are POOPED!!!!  We need a holiday from our HOLIDAY!!!! 

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