Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A is for APPLE (sauce)

SOOOO for the last week I have pretty much been eating NOTHING by applesauce.  OK....that is a lie.  I have been eating birthday brownies, lemon bars (a birthday gift), and more double chocolate birthday brownies.  AND APPLESAUCE.  I FINALLY decided to try making my own applesauce and it was a SUCCESS!!!  Easy...check.  Cheap....check.  YUMMY...double check!!!!  
BTW...this was not healthy non-sugared applesauce.  As you can tell by the brownish color, this was brown sugary, delicious, almost like apple-pie filling applesauce. 
I started with THIS recipe that I found...of course on Pinterest.  Here is what I did. 
First I took all of my apples.  I had lots of different kinds.  I just dumped them all together.  I peeled and cored them by hand because I was not doing too many.  It took about 20 minutes for this large bowl.  I only cut them into 4ths...you just have to cook a little longer.  
I had around 15-20 small/medium apples.  I dumped them into a huge pot and added the following ingredients:
1.5 cups of of water
1.5 tsp of cinnamon
1 cup packed brown sugar (this is an estimate...kinda up to you how sweet you want it)
1 tsp salt
a squirt of lemon or lime juice (optional)
Then bring to a boil. 
Cover and reduce heat. 
Check out all of the brown sugar!!! 
Then....cook cook cook.  VOILA!!!!  Applesauce.  And the added bonus is that it tastes like apple pie and WHO doesn't like apple pie. 
I cooked for about 1 hour.  Every 15 minutes I stirred and mashed up the apples a bit. You will know when the apples are DONE!  Mash everything up and enjoy the lovely appley smell in your house.   
Then sit down on your couch and enjoy a big bowl of appley sugary goodness and watch a bit of Grey's Anatomy.  Seriously...nothing gets better than all that!!!

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