Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall is in the air~

I am still lovin' Fall over here.  We have been taking walks through our neighborhood, and the trees are AMAZING!!!  I super LOVE Christmas, but I would not be sad if it stayed Fall forever.  I love the weather, the food, and beautiful scenery.  I guess I also love the fun crafts too...although that is pretty much every season.
I am still on my mission to decorate my house without spending a whole lot. AND I am still in love with PINTEREST!!!  So I am trying to ACTUALLY accomplish some of the things that I pin.  I crossed 3 pins off my list this week....
First...I updated my candy jars from Halloween to Fall.  (AND I finally got all of the pirate decorations out of my house!!!)
I found these printable tags on Pinterest and wanted to use them for EVERYTHING.  It worked out great because there are 6 that print on a page and I only used 2.  SO that leaves some to use for fun fall gift tags!!!
I also wanted to have a piece of Fall subway art, but saw THIS one and fell in love.  It was a free printable...gotta love that.
I cut a piece of cardboard out of a diaper box with an exacto knife and then mod-podged the paper on.  Then I sanded the edges with sand paper and used some brown stain to distress the edges.  I wanted it to stand on its own, so I jimmy-rigged a stand out of more cardboard.
So this was a free project!!!  It looks silly from the back, but if you are looking that close, you are not welcome in my house:)
Project number 3 was another free printable for my Mia Maid classs.  This year the Mutual theme is the 13th article of Faith, so I fell in love when I saw these candy bar wrappers.  They are meant to go on a Hershey Bar, but I found Kit Kats on sale after Halloween and was TOO cheap to pass it up.  SOOO I made do.  They worked fine, but the wrappers didn't go all the way around the back of the bar.  NO BIGGIE!!
 Nothing like a bowl of cute chocolate to make a GOOD DAY:)   
Chocolate and Fall Leaves....LOVE IT!!!

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