Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A few moments of craftiness

halloween 052

Amongst the crazy candy-ness of Halloween, I did have a few (precious) moments to myself.  Usually after midnight and in the dark, but still happySmile

Some of my free time is spent on Pinterest, which I love.  The only problem…I see what other people are doing and then I WANT TO DO IT.  I start to feel that my friends, teachers, kids, and Mia Maids must be suffering compared to others in other places.  Like all of those amazing places on the internet..haha!!!  So then I feel that I have deprived others of cuteness and start feeding my own inadequacies. 

WELL thank goodness I had a pirate party at my house this week because my church girls FINALLY got some of that Pinterest cuteness for themselves.  Our lesson was on virtue.  I found the quote first and then decided upon where to put it.  AND I was lucky enough to have chocolate gold at my house…pretty handy.  SOOOO I threw some gold in the bag, cut rectangles of scrapbook paper, folded them over the top of Ziploc snack bags, stapled the sides, and glued on the quote (which I had just typed up and printed on my computer).  I am not a scrap booker, so I just used scissors, Elmer's glue, and a stapler.  Nothing fancy here (actually most of it was a bit crooked and wrinkly).  BUT at least I felt like I accomplished something…like those amazing Pinterest folks always doSmile

halloween 050

  I had the same idea for the ladies I go visiting teaching to.  The idea was from PINTEREST.  I couldn't find black kisses, so I settled for purple, but I figured the witches I stole the hats from were just more stylish than those silly black Pinterest witches.   I also do not have a circle punch…nor do I know what one is, so I cut the old fashioned way and glued the circles to some card stock.  I am not gonna lie…I pretty much love the whole candy bag thing right now!!!halloween 046

And another small victory at our house…the soap dispenser.  I have also seen lots of monogramed and decorated soap dispensers on—you know where.  I don’t need my name on my soap, but I DOOOO need something cuter than  a dawn bottle on my counter.  I am CONSTANTLY cleaning bottles and HATE getting under the sink for the dish soap.  Sounds dumb, but with child proof cupboards, it causes me great anger.  SOOO I spray painted my dishsoap.  SERIOUSLY.  I just took it into the garage and spray painted it.  I didn’t do anything else they said…no primer, no taking off the stickers, nothing.   Just painted it.  It still isn’t pretty, but now it kinda just blends in.halloween 069

And another success.  The drying mat.  I was sick of either my counter being wet, or using all of the paper towels, so I made a drying mat.  I just sewed together some fabric and then sewed it to a super absorbent drying towel.  I got mine at WALGREENS for a dollar.  Perfect for all those darn bottle parts. 

SPEAKING of the bottle parts, I finally figured out a way to clean out DR. BROWN bottles.  We lost the little brush that came with them, and it was traumatic (for me).  I   used my somewhat unused brain and decided on PIPE CLEANERS.  SOO  if you are like me and need to clean the gunk out for your DR. BROWNS.  GO buy some crafting pipe cleaners (mine are sparkly halloween colors) and they work perfect.  TRUST ME.  I googled it and couldn’t find an answer….THIS IS THE ANSWER!!!  


SOOO that is all the boringness that is our crafting life over here.  I am super glad to be moving PAST halloween though…now on to tackling some Thanksgiving crafts on my to-so list!!!

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