Friday, October 22, 2010

A Start!!!

october 006

Sometimes I wonder what goes through my mind when I decide to make something, but this time I GET IT!!!  I wanted my kiddo to have a cute Halloween costume and SHE couldn’t decide what she wanted to be.  One day it was a happy ghost, the next it was a mermaid, poop was one suggestion she gave, and the next day she wanted to be a booger.  Needless to say I did NOT want to make her something and have her refuse to wear it. 

I finally (with a small amount of convincing), got her to agree to be Minnie Mouse.  Cute. Fun. Girlie. PERFECT!!!  Of course after we picked out the fabric yesterday she told me she wanted to be a witch----WHICH made me want to be a WITCH too!!!!  Anyway….today with the hubs home from work I ACTUALLY got a little bit of a start.  

october 003Here is her Minnie skirt.  I used THIS tutorial from MADE and it worked perfect.  It was quick, easy and kinda looks like Minnie---right????  PLUS the added bonus….it spins!!!  And the sugar on top….Emersyn likes it:)  Now I just need a top, some ears, and a big bow.  BACK TO WORK!!!!

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