Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phase 2 COMPLETE!!!

Operation Minnie Mouse is FINALLY back on track.  After a few more days of procrastination....I finally decided to jump into the top.  With a LOT of help from my football watching family (and kid watchers), I got a little alone time with my sewing machine this afternoon.  Just what I needed to pump out this top. 
Here is what I did...
I used the Dear My Kids vest pattern for the top.  Clearly I decided to add sleeves (bad and good idea).
I used THIS tutorial for puffed sleeves from MADE and THIS tutorial on sewing sleeves and lining from FROM AN IGLOO to help add the sleeves (plus a little help from my seam ripper and a few bad words). is starting to look a little more MINNIE:)  Tomorrow Operation Mouse Ears begins!!!

1 comment:

The Wieselers said...

cute, cute, cute! Laney's going to be jealous! I have a feeling that Snow White won't seem so cool when she see's her moo moo as minnie :)