Monday, October 25, 2010

Operation Mouse Ears

october 003

PHEWWW….Halloween costume making is OVER!!!  Except I need to try everything on my girl.  As cute as Bunny looks as a Minnie, she isn’t quite the same size---although she was the ONLY one I could get to sit still long enough for pictures:) 

Here is what I did for my ears…

I used THIS tutorial from The Suburban Mom to help make the headband.  The only change----my bow is about 100 times bigger!!!  I always think bigger is better---lets hope I am right!!

For the bow I used THIS tutorial from A Lemon Squeezy Home.  It was for a bow tie, but I just needed some bow help.  I made mine TWICE as big as the dimensions for the bow tie, so my pieces were 6’X20’ and I did not line it with fleece.  I also used my glue gun instead of hand sewing because I am lazy like that. 

october 002  Emersyn did the Hot Dog dance when she saw it---I think that means she approves.   If not I guess I will take Bunny trick or treating:)


Marilee said...

Wow, that turned out so well Jessica!! Mom's bunny baby, (from playtime and naptime) looks pretty cute in it. Can't wait to see how Emersyn rocks the outfit! ; )

~Niki~ said...

oh my goodness~how sweet! thanks for linking to LH :)
I have 2 contests going on at my butternut street blog if you wanna check those out! only 6 entered so far!

Rosie said...

Cute-Cute! I love how you are all domesticated now. Miss ya!