Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why I need a Husqvarna Viking Serger---let me count the ways:)

Ok....So Sew Mama Sew is giving away one of these babies....yep a super cool--way cooler than what I can ever afford--SERGER.  To enter the contest I have to plead my case...why do I.I.I.I need this serger more than other folks???  SOOOOO here is my heart-felt plea:)
Now let me be honest here....until about a year ago I had no idea that I NEEDED a serger and until about 6 months ago I did not realize I MUST have one or cry myself to sleep at night.  Then I looked at the cost and cried anyways (I am a bit emotional yall).  Anyway....Recently I have started to really begin enjoying re-purposing and creating fun clothes for Emersyn and myself...the only problem...sometimes when you create beautiful clothes on your sewing machine they tend to....how do we say nicely....fall back apart. 
Example 1....I worked pretty hard on re-purposing a pair of jeans into a maternity skirt.  I loved it, hugged it, and named it Jeana...Then what happened the first time I wore it??????  The seams began ripping apart.  Now I understand that I was putting a bit of extra pull on those poor seams...what with my being the size of a small country and all....but imagine my pregnant hormones kicking in and causing quite a cascade of tears when this baby started ripping.  NOT PRETTY!!!!  You know WHY this isn't pretty????  Because guess what shows through broken seams when you are WEARING said skirt----YEP...you guessed it Pregnant Belly.  Trust me NOBODY wants to see that (including me which is why I close my eyes when I get out of the shower). 
Granted I still wear the un-fixed skirt because I am pregnant and have VERY little pride left, but wouldn't it have been great if I could have serged that puppy together and worn it without fear of showing off my stretch marks????
Example Number 2---strings.  Here is a picture of a cute little dress I made for Em (yes I was toooo lazy to take it out of the closet to take a picture).  Everytime I wash this puppy I get strings like crazy.  Sometimes it gets wrapped around OTHER clothes and they are all wrinkled and have to be ironed (thrown back in the dryer) and once the strings even got wrapped around the agitator (is that what it is called????  Todd told me it was....) and I seriously spent hours (probably minutes) getting the darn strings untangled.  Now I realize there are naked people in poor countries who would love to have clothes---strings or not---but for me, it is almost too much of a pain in the patootie to deal with the mess----Wouldn't a serger REALLY help me out on this????  Why yes....Yes I believe it would.
Now I realize my pictures have been super crumby ( I should probably sign up for a camara giveaway too), but here is example number 3.  Zig Zag stitching the raw edges.  I HATE THAT!!!!  Now I know a lot of times in patterns and tutorials they say....If you have a serger blah blah blah and if you do not---no worries you just need to blah blah blah.  BUT what they are REALLY saying IS....If you have a serger you will have  a cute little outfit all whipped up in a matter of minutes that looks clean and lovely and professionally finished.  OR if you are a poor smuck and you do not have a serger you will have a slighly wobbly, less attractive version that looks like you made it at 4-H.  That is how I read it anyways.  Those serger people and their darn serger bias directions...ARGGHHH!!!
I would love to make beautiful things like this...
(picture borrowed from her blog)
Go To Dress from The Train to Crazy ORRRRRR this....
(picture borrowed from her blog)
(picture borrowed from her blog)
by Dana from MADE.  Actually I am not gonna lie---I would like to BEEEE Dana from Made---but I guess that is another post for another day.  Anywhoooo....on all of those cute little tutorials the message is loud and clear.....first step---serge.  OR if you don't have a serger....you will end up with  more of a "homemade" look.  Now I don't mind someone asking if I made my kid's clothes, but the thought of them looking HOMEMADE----especially when the words are coming from the GREATS (like my BFF Dana)---not fun.  SOOOO wouldn't it be great for me to whip up these little beauties (and about a million more that are not pictured) and have them look----WELL....GOOD????  Then I guess I MUST have a serger.  There you have it....how can you argue with the facts?????  Jessica NEEDS a serger (and her cheapo husband would die if she bought one secretly and hid it in the upstairs closet and only took it out after he went to work and he ever found out).  Just sayin....


marciekoch said...

hil-ar-i-ous!!! you should totally win!!!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

You should win! They are so much fun =)